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The Entreaties of The Heart (15.9.12)

“The entreaties of the heart need to be sincere,

                                             need to be an unique expression,

                                             need to be ascribed unto the saint in waiting,

                                                                         unto the saint in being.

The entreaties of the heart call without retreat,

                                           call with the heart’s desire,

                                           call for the attention of The God Of Love.

The entreaties of the heart stem from the heart with focus,

                                           stem from the heart with understanding,

                                           stem from the heart in progress in the race to purity –

                                                                                               prior to the imprint of the grave.

The entreaties of the heart explore the ways and means to reach out to The God filled with compassion:

                                                            to receive an answer in fulfilment of the prayer emanating from the open heart;

                                                            to obtain the provisioning of supply assured by His word;

                                                            to meet in the relationship where God is always welcome;

                                                            to express with gratitude all that God has done within the life as succoured by the heart in need;

                                                                                                     as succoured for the heart with the desire on fire and still unquenched;

                                                          as succoured deep within the heart where the love of life in relationship with God is paramount –

                                                                                               steeped to stand in testimony before the cross and before the face of man.

The entreaties of the heart seek consolation when in mourning,

                                           seek confirmation when in love,

                                           seek uplifting when mired in despair,

                                           seek happiness in contentment when all is going well.

The entreaties of the heart are more often answered when self-wants are not involved,

                                                                                   where selfishness does not obscure the light,

                                                                                   where access is not cluttered by the add-ons of the day,

                                                                                   where the prayer request is specific and in line with the facts as known by God.

The entreaties of the heart can clear the rubbish already in the bin awaiting completeness of disposal,

                                           can clear the heart of squatters reluctant to leave,

                                           can bring a blush back upon a face,

                                           can protect the bridal property of God.

The entreaties of the heart can bring new songs to sing,

                                           can bring new qualities of resonance to untuned vocal cords,

                                           can bring new tongues to utter and to appeal,

                                           can bring new hearing to the spirit,

                            can modify the output and the input of the body in alignment with the will of God.

The entreaties of the heart are carried on plumped cushions when in the presence of intense sincerity;

                                           are acclaimed by My Spirit when in accordance with the spirit;

                                           are bespoken in the silence accorded holiness:

                                                                                          in reaching to the throne room of God.”


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