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The Pearls of God (13.9.12)

“The pearls of God are not to be thrown before the swine of man.

The pearls of God are to be cherished and absorbed,

                              are to be taken into the spirit and the soul,

                              are to be shown and adorned upon the outpourings of man.

The pearls of God are droplets of His wisdom designed to rain on man for this,

                                                                                                    the end-time nascency of man.

The pearls of God are capsules of His truth,

                              are instigators of improvement,

                              are the dispellers of the shadows on the lungs,

                              are the poultices for the healing of the heart,

                              are the reminders for impediments in speech,

                              are the wishbones for the soul,

                              are the archetypes for the spirit,

                              are the homilies of God for a weary world set for a new beginning.

The pearls of God vibrate with their missives for the heart of man,

                              tender their contents to the soul of man,

                              seek to offer a better walk within the life of man.

The pearls of God are the branding irons born in fire destined for the branding of the soul.

The pearls of God sear the soul of man with the stamp of righteousness,

                                                               with the claim of God,

                                                               with the mark of divinity proclaimed for all the ages.

The pearls of God do not fade with time,

                              do not fade with washing,

                              do not fade in derivation.

The pearls of God are designed to withstand,

                                                   to penetrate,

                                                   to be absorbed by the envelope of man.

The pearls of God need no further polishing,

                              will not dissolve and vanish,

                              have firm foundations on the rock of God.

The pearls of God appear in writing,

                              can not be misconstrued,

                              are designed to serve man well.

The pearls of God simmer as in a pot,

                              can be sampled for a meal,

                              can be swallowed and digested.

The pearls of God settle upset stomachs,

                              settle upset souls,

                              settle on the spirit bringing options from My Spirit for the uplifting of man.

The pearls of God are not the mollycoddlers of God,

                              speak in truth and justice,

                              warn for the avoidance of missteps looming on the path of man,

                              chasten the casual and the irresponsible in their outlook on life.

The pearls of God have the sheen of heaven,

                              have their application on the earth.

The pearls of God are scripted very tightly,

                              are preserved from adulteration,

                              are presented to enhance man’s wisdom,

                              are not known by pride.

The pearls of God are suitable for the heralds of God,

                              are suitable as source documents for a presentation,

                              are suitable for instruction,

                              are suitable for preaching the intent of God.

The pearls of God cover aspects of the life of man of interest to His loving God.

The pearls of God are here to elucidate the saints of God in readiness for participation in the bride;

                              are here to summarise what has been ignored,

                              are here to remind of what still awaits attention,

                              are here to highlight the potential for those sitting here as in the waiting room of God,

                              are here to call man to investigate while here in His mortality:

                                                                           and still able to preserve both his spirit and his soul.

The pearls of God are laid before the nations of the earth,

                                   for the multitudes who seek the truth,

                                   for the waylaid and the discontented,

                                   for the shepherdless and those without a mentor,

                                   for those who know not hope and have lost their way.

The pearls of God would speak to those within the waiting rooms,

                                                   to those with an appointment,

                                                   to those filled with the potential to become loved and living members of the family of God:

                                                                                                            the pearls of God as seen as both stationary and in waiting.

The pearls of God should be placed near the necks of My bride-in-waiting,

                                               placed where ears are capable of hearing,

                                               placed denoting ownership near the dress finger of the hand.

The pearls of God can flash within a smile,

                              can be as a tooth of wisdom,

                              can be incisive and quite sharp,

                              can be insightful and quite numerous.

The pearls of God have a signature all their own,

                              can be creased and reserved,

                              can be released and admired,

                              can be stored in the presence of the moths,

                              can be remembered long after the timing of their presence on a scene.

The pearls of God are the words of God in time,

                              clash with the guidelines set for demons,

                              are not silenced by criticism implanted by such as these.

The pearls of God follow exactly the intent of God,

                              portray exactly all aspects of the message,

                              confirm exactly what is already known within the heart of a disciple of The Lord.

The pearls of God do not like getting wet,

                              do not like being rained on,

                              do not like feeding mildew and decay.

The pearls of God love the scent of The Spirit,

                              love the closeness of The Son,

                              love the honouring of The Father.

The pearls of God do not fear The Refiner’s fire,

                              are not fazed in the presence of the handiwork of God,

                              are not subjected to a paucity of assistance when a call is made.

The pearls of God can set the tone for a discussion,

                              can lift a thwarted soul back into contention,

                              can supervise and list the spoken word of man.

The pearls of God are present when God has His wisdom reigning over the life of man.”


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