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The Emissaries of God (15.9.12)

“The emissaries of God are knocking on the doors of hearts:

                                                                             find some firmly closed and locked,

                                                                             find some left on the latch,

                                                                             find some slightly ajar,

                                                                             find some open with a welcome mat before.

The emissaries of God find some not answered with a hidden shout to go away;

                                find some opened with an unsmiling squatter in the background;

                           find some opened with a scowling squatter answering the door;

                     find some answered with a smiling query only to have the door slammed shut by the squatter hiding behind the door;

                find some answered with a greeting of delight with the drapes all drawn,

                                                 with the sunlight streaming into the living space.

The emissaries of God are not impressed with squatters,

                                     are not impressed with their antipathy,

                                     are not impressed with their desire to remain undisturbed,

                                     are not impressed with the lack of welcome displayed to the emissaries bringing confrontation.

The emissaries of God are not the playboys at the party in the presence of the squatters,

                                     are not the jovial and the friendly reliant on the drinks to break formality,

                                     are not the obsequious and the secretive forever attempting to obtain an invitation then seek favour
                                                                                                                                                       as a resident,

                                     are not the fawning and the concubines who stretch out to seduce,

                                     are not the hustlers and the tricksters who inundate with lies,

                                     are not the squirmers and the isolators who burrow to suggest.

The emissaries of God are a righteous forest planted to stand both firm and upright:

                                                                      planted not to waver as a waverer;

                                                                    planted not to offer shelter to the guilty and the damned;

                                                                  planted not to shed the bark and be open to attack;

                                                                planted not to rest where the blossom may be stripped;

                                                             planted not to lie in drowsiness only to awake to find the limbs all pruned and ineffective –
                                                                                                                only to awake to find the trunk unable to move in supplying

                                                                                                                                                                          the fruit unto the needy.

The emissaries of God are called to a golden journey in a golden land:

                                                      to remove the dross of idols so the gold may shine.

The emissaries of God have their golden tasks instated with the golden seal of My Spirit’s purity.

The emissaries of God seek the gold among the glitter,

                                     seek the gold among the camouflage,

                                     seek the gold among the sifted sands,

                                     seek the gold with its impurities destined for the refiner’s fire,

                                     seek the gold desiring to stand before the refiner without contamination.

The emissaries of God wear the golden gowns,

                                     dig the goldfields well,

                                     recover all the specks of gold they find,

                                     acknowledge all the golden nuggets seen to surface,

                                     protect the gold until it is pure and ready to become a bar.

The bars of gold are awesome in significance,

                           are both large and small,

                           are both practical and valuable in the sight of God.

The bars of gold have each a story to tell of their discovery:

                                                                of how they came to be;

                                                             of the effort in the race to attain the purity required;

                                                          of the changes undergone to justify inclusion in the vault of heaven within the edifice of God.

The bars of gold cannot be degraded:

                            always retain their purity;

                            are polished and honoured;

                            know companionship of like;

                            are the end result of the intent of God.

The bars of gold are fitted to become the bride of Christ.”


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