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To The Victor Goes The Prize (21.10.12)

“To the victor goes the prize:

                                to he who perseveres until the new beginning;

                                to he who validates his commitment with the goal in mind;

                                to he who receives his garland from the race;

                                to he who exchanges it for a golden crown.

The victor with the prize can reflect with gratitude on the securement of his freewill,

                                                                                  on the obtaining of his goal,

                                                                                  on his reading of all the signs,

                                                                                  on his selecting of his turning points within his life events,

                                                                                  on the captaincy of his spirit,

                                                                                  on the stepping stones traversed within the journey,

                                                                                  on his reaching forward with The Spirit –

                                                                                                     in his seeking the companionship of God within eternal life.

The victor with the prize in hand is the bride in presentation,

                                                      is the bride confirmed,

                                                      is the bride of witnessing,

                                                      is the bride of servanthood,

                                                      is the bride of promise,

                                                      is the bride of grace as a graduate of mortality.

The victor with the prize has majesty on every side,

                                         sees magnificence in all of his surroundings,

                                         knows glory enhancing his existence,

                                         is aware of the approaching presence of The King,

                                         is before the throngs awaiting the culmination of the journey in the presenting of the charter of existence
                                                                                                                                          for within The Kingdom as the just co-heir.

The victor with the prize bows the knee in exchanging his prize for a crown,

                                         experiences the honouring of his freewill,

                                         has the stars of God within his reach,

                                         recognizes the jewels of livery upon his gown,

                                         receives the handclasp of eternity,

                                         is presented the white stone with his new name,

                                         stands for the accolade of The Son in testimony before The Father.

The victor with the crown has new pathways underfoot,

                                           has new imagery extending scope,

                                           has new vision for both nearness and afar,

                                           has the senses for eternity,

                                           has the outreach for eternity with all of its dimensions,

                                           has the body soul and spirit transitioning into eternity –

                                                                                           translating into eternity –

                                                                                          transposing into eternity –

                                                                                          transferring into eternity –

                                                                                                                as the time of man requires.

The victor with the crown is seated with all honour,

                                           is shown his place prepared,

                                           is invested with the robes which overlay his gown.

The victor with the crown understands the languages,

                                           understands the meanings,

                                           understands the culture of The King,

                                           understands the signs within the Kingdom,

                                           understands the merit of each object seen within the scope of evaluating eyes.

The victor with the crown is readied for assimilation into a new encountering,

                                           is readied for integration into his co-rulership as a co-heir within The Kingdom,

                                           is welcomed by The Father as the latest member confirmed into the family of God.

The victor with the crown is blessed by The Father for having been befriended by The Son.

The victor with the crown is sealed by The Father for having a temple –

                                                                                    where The Holy Spirit always felt at home,

                                                                                                     never felt uncomfortable:

                                                                                                             so able to enjoy the temple as prepared and purified.”


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