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The Soul of Man (2) (24.9.12)

“The soul of man is nervous in unfamiliar situations,

                             is prone to brashness in self-promotion,

                             is inclined to bravado in assuming a front for presentation.

The soul of man does not like to be examined,

                           does not like to share a history of specifics,

                           does not like to be the target of much criticism.

The soul of man knows the show of vanity,

                           knows the screen of privacy,

                           knows the forefront of the stage,

                           knows the retreat into a cave.

The soul of man is complex and involved,

                           is measured and impetuous,

                           is cold-blooded and passionate.

The soul of man shouts and whispers,

                           threatens and retreats,

                           insults and praises.

The soul of man is led and pushed,

                           is tugged and shoved,

                           is enticed and pulled.

The soul of man admires and disregards,

                           admits and dismisses,

                           lies and cheats.

The soul of man is violent and pacific,

                           is lost and found,

                           is loved and hated.

The soul of man is cajoled and cowed,

                           is convicted and crushed,

                           is convinced and conversant.

The soul of man dresses in many variants hidden within the body,

                                          hides many from sight until released,

                                          hides both the immature and the adult ways,

                                          hides the shameful and the reticent,

                                          hides the addictions and the habits until such can no longer be resisted.

The soul of man can reach out for the stars,

                           can wallow in the mud.

The soul of man needs direction to be seen at its very best.

The soul of man needs direction to be seen at its very worst.

The soul of man is driven by the flip-flop of freewill when the conscience is weak and inexperienced.

The soul of man can subdue the spirit and leave it without a voice.

The soul of man can become dominant and harsh,

                           can become determined and destructful,

                           can become blasphemous and rebellious.

The soul of man can express the range of love,

                                       the intensity of love,

                                       the vibrancy of love.

The soul of man can forsake and adopt,

                           can seek and find,

                           can shelter and protect.

The soul of man in the proximity of the spirit exhibits partial influence on the character of man.”

Scribal Note:

‘Soul of Man’, cf. 2nd Bk p244, ‘God Speaks in His Scrolls on The Website of The Lord’.


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