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Forgotten Manuscript Discovered

This book’s manuscript was dictated by The Lord between late 1989 and completion in early 1990. The manuscript gave rise to much difficulty after showing it to the Church Elders for they censored it as both blasphemous and thereby demonic in a church which neither accepted the gift of tongues nor of end-time Revelation. So this manuscript was never published nor offered for publishing and the two manuscript copies were placed in safe keeping with an eye to the future. 

The earliest dated one was deposited in the National Bank at Whakatane, New Zealand, on Friday April 20th 1990 at 10.46 am. The second one dated 6th August 1990 was deposited with solicitors in Whakatane for the safekeeping of a backup. The texts themselves are both the same. This ‘archiving period’ was when all electronic copies were being destroyed on the computer as life moved on. 

The manuscripts were removed from safe custody some two years later when my wife and I moved, for business reasons, to Hamilton, New Zealand. 

The manuscripts spent years pigeonholed in a roll-top desk and followed us as we moved twice within this city’s limits. When we downsized, the desk was sold and the envelope placed somewhat carelessly on my cramped office book shelves where it has lain for the last three years.

The two manuscripts copies were unexpectedly found while searching for a personal out-dated will; and the legal looking envelope had its two folded documents removed for examination: so the text has come to light some 26 years since it was received from God.

This book was originally received in seven chapters, with their titles which have been preserved, and seemed to be designed to be read continuously rather than in selected fragments. Within chapters some subtitles have now been added to enable more detailed indexing of the content’s relevancy on a particular subject matter.

Capitalisation and punctuation are usually, but not always, at the scribe’s discretion. The two words ‘free’ and ‘will’ have also been combined into ‘freewill’ as a single joined word with easier searching and conceptual understanding. The terms “mind of man” and “freewill of man” are indicated by the Lord as being fully interchangeable throughout the text here— both in context and in meaning. So also, at the Lord‘s request, the occurrence of the word ‘beasts’ is changed, when in the context of there being four, to ‘living creatures’. This also maintains conformity of usage in all nine books within this series.

The text has been reformatted from ‘flowing’ to a ‘prose’ style in conforming with the eight other books where each is a part of the End-time Psalms of God. These started in 2007 and were completed in 2016. 

These books have just started being published in America by The first book to be published there, but the fifth book in the series, has a release date of 29th November 2016.

The Scribe,

Thursday, 10th November 2016


Late Scribal Note: After the above text was written for inclusion in this book, several really severe surprises were still to surface in respect to this little book’s origin and history— and so they are recounted as received and dated from The Lord.

Monday, 9th January 2017


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