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The Appeal of Jesus (2)

  Our God Loves Black-211

“These end-time books,

   these parts of the end-time Psalms of God,


         the Lord Jesus,

             have dictated to My willing servant,


  These end-time Psalms of God highlight the behaviour of man,

                                     highlight the streaming ways of Heaven,

                                     highlight the testing of man,

                                     highlight the call for man,

                                     highlight the eternities of man,

                                     highlight the preparation of man,

                                     highlight the protocols of Heaven,

                                     highlight the love of God for man,

                                     highlight the adoption of man into the family of God.

These end-time Psalms of God accompany My word of ages,

                                                                      My scriptures recorded for the advantaging of man,

                                                                      My inter-relationship with man in his development upon the Earth.

These end-time Psalms of God are intended to have availability to the multitudes,

                                                   are intended to indicate the greater things to come,

                                                   are presented so that man may not deny the presence of his God in the surroundings as gifted to man—

                                                                                                                        whereon he is formed in the image of The Living Loving God.


         the Lord Jesus,

             love and certify My people,

             love and intermingle with My people,

             love and greet My people—

                        in every conversation open for participation by man seen in his glory in reaching for the stars.


         the Lord Jesus,

             love and confirm My people,

             love and support My people,

             love and dwell within My people—

                    as they convert their flesh lives 

                                                 into the temples of the spirit,

                                                 into the temples of My Spirit,

                                                 into the temples of God—

                                                              with each containing their personal Ark of the New Covenant—

                                                                                           where each holds a committed heart of God—

                                                                                                                             to be carried right back home—

                                                                                                     into the familiarity of their spirit’s birthing in the dwelling place of God.


         the Lord Jesus,

             love and magnify My people,

             love and cherish My people,

             love and welcome My people to their home within the stars—

                                                              to their home prepared,

                                                              to their home of wonder and delight,

                                                              to their home of peace and serenity.


         the Lord Jesus,

             treasure and esteem the capabilities of My people,

             circle and appreciate the crafts of My people,


             examine and uphold the glory of My People—

                  as they arise in body soul and spirit to the claiming of their inheritance,

                                                                            to the claiming of their jewels as stored and waiting,

                                                                            to the prospects established for their new life within eternity—

                                                                                                                                        in the companionship of God.


         the Lord Jesus,

             would welcome each one home—

                       from the time within the multitudes,

                       from the time within mortality,

                       from the time bespoke for preparation,

                       from the time of learning in the university of God,

                       from the time of assimilation into the kingdom of God,

                       from the time of faith with grace,

                       from the time where My people stared at the stars—

                                                                               and wondered what they held.


         the Lord Jesus,

             encourage and tug at the heart of man—

                   to commit to an everlasting journey through the doorways of Faith and Grace.

      For by such are the scopes and venues of eternity reached.

      For by such are the gates of heaven opened in anticipation.

      For by such is the beckoning of God.

      For by such may the pathway to God be trod by man.

      For by such will the promises of God be fulfilled within the eternity of man.”

Gratefully received from The Lord for use in this, both His first and ninth book.

6.30 – 7.32am Monday 19th December 2016

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