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The Love of Our God

Our God Loves Black-880


“Then I,

     the Lord,

          gave a new weapon to My warriors—

                   a weapon that would turn the tide of battle—

                   a weapon to vanquish the forces arrayed against My people—

                   a weapon to use against those whose freewill is imprisoned—

                   a weapon that will set the captives free—

                   a weapon that will demolish the strongholds of Lucifer.

          In the hearts of My people I then embedded My weapon—

                                                           the weapon of Love.

For I,

     the Lord,

          want My people to know that love conquers all;

                                    love is all there is to life;

                                    love is what holds the world together;

                                    love is in the spirit of man;

                                    love is the conqueror of man's soul;

                                    love is the delight of the Lord;

                                    love fears nothing;

                                    love overcomes all:

                                    love knows the truth;

                                    love sees into every soul;

                                    love is the happiness in the lives of men;

                                    love is the essence of the Lord;

                                    love is displayed in all creation;

                                    love surrounds the thrones;

                                    love is the Son in the Father;

                                    love redeems the world;

                                    love saves mankind;

                                    love lasts throughout eternity;

                   and when the angels bow before the thrones love guides and directs them every time.

For the Spirit,

     the Comforter,


                in love,

                      keep My people.

And in love My people will speak My words.


     with love,

           My people will teach the peoples of the Earth to know Me—

                                                              the Risen King,

                                                                    and My love.


     in love,

           My people will impart the messages the Spirit will plant within their hearts.

And it is for the love of the peoples of the Earth that the Spirit would direct My people every day.

And the Love of the Lord shall be with My people.


     the Love of the Lord shall be with My people.

And they will bring the Message of Love to mankind.

For I,

     the First-Born,

             will have a church of love on the Earth;

                        that men may know the love that is within My heart.

And love will magnify and grow,

     and the people will have love for one another,

     and they will love each other as never before.

For the Spirit will put love within their hearts like they have never known before.

                                                And they will come with rejoicing in their hearts;

                                                         as they praise and worship and love the Risen King.

For I love My people.


       I love them so.

And now the love of the Father shall be made known to His people.

And the love of the Risen King shall instruct the Spirit of the Lord concerning the hearts of men.

       And some will walk in love.

       And some will walk in faith.

       And they will all rejoice.

My Word on Earth;

My Word in Heaven;

My Word throughout eternity shall be directed by My Spirit.

I have spoken to the prophets,

I am speaking to the prophets,

      and I shall speak to the prophets.

And when they walk with Me,

 and when they talk with Me,

 and when they bring forth My messages to men,

             they shall honour Me:

                               the Lord,

                               the Risen Saviour,

                               the King of mankind,

                               the Alpha and the Omega,

                               the Everlasting Lamb,

                               the Saviour of the world,

                               the Son of the Eternal Father.

                    And I shall exalt Him;

                    and He loves Me;

                    and I shall do His Will.

And before the thrones of man will go the prophets of the Lord.

          And they will testify of Me.

               They will do My work.

          And thrones of man will fall.

               Empires will split.

And those who do not love the Lord will fear His wrath.

      For I control the elements;

           and through them I will teach those who do not fear the Lord of their iniquity.

      For when they sin they will reap the harvest of their sins,

           but I would show them mercy whenever they turn from them;

                                                   for I love them all the days.

           But they shall not come against the saints of God.

               They shall not battle them.

               They shall not fight them.

I will protect My saints on Earth from the works of Lucifer.

      They go forth,

               in My name,

                        to the nations of the Earth;

                                and they carry My banner of love with them.

      They carry My banner on high and with it they will crush the plans of Lucifer.

      They will walk in boldness.

      And they will preach the message of love as they go before the thrones of nations.

      Those who hear shall be gathered close to Me and those who reject Me shall be given to Lucifer.


           I would have them all come to Me.

           But I know the hearts of men.

           I know their will.

           I gave them their freedom for them to walk their way.

           I would have them be with Me through all eternity,

                       and it grieves My heart when I see their sin and what they do to what I created:

                                                                                                    what they do to My creation;

                                                                                                    what they do to one another.

                                                                                                            It breaks My heart.

        For I love them and I would that they be redeemed from their sin.


           My people,


                     I am the Son of Love.

                Love is just and fair.

                Love is kind and forgiving.

                Love is always there.


           in justice and in love,

                I will punish sin.

           In sorrow and in mercy I will forgive it.

           In joy and in thanksgiving I shall reward those who follow Me.

      For the Message of Love shall be proclaimed;

             the Message of Love shall go forth to the nations;

                                                            that the sifting may be complete.

      For I will sift the nations,

                       the peoples of the nations,

                       the cities of the peoples,

                       the households of the cities,

                       the families of the households.

           I will sift each family.

      For as the miller sifts the flour so shall I sift the people of the Earth.

               As the miller selects the wheat to blend the flour,

                as the baker selects the flour to form the dough,

                and as the dough is left to become the risen loaf—

                                                                           so shall the Spirit prepare the people of the Lord.”


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