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The Table of The Lord

“The Bread Of Life has now been broken before the face of man;

        the face of man now has seen the suffering in the world.

The Bread Of Life has now been subject to the Will of He who sent Him;

        the Will of He who sent Him is now known.

The Bread Of Life now is calling from the Throne on high;

        the Throne on high that now commands the attention of mankind.

   For if all of man would taste the bread that is spread before them now,

         the bread I have prepared for eating at the Banquet of the Lord,

         then they would surely come to the table now prepared.

      But all of man will not taste of;

           all of man will not come to;

           all of man will not be at—

                                  the Table of the Lord.

The Table of the Lord is now prepared for those who love the Lord.

   Seated at the table will be those who have served the Father;

         seated at the table will be those who have served the Son;

    and seated at the table will be those invited by the Spirit.


   they will partake of the Covering of the Lord—

             all that has been declared to which they are the heirs—

                   that they may receive the fullness of their inheritance.

   The inheritance composed of the Blessings of the Lord;

                                    the Promises of the Lord;

                                    and the Reservations of the Lord.

   For then shall the Lord keep His word to His people:

                                    the word received by faith,

                                              acted on in trust,

                                              stored up in the heart,

                                              and shared with love.

       Then those gathered before the Lord,

                                at the table of the Lord,

                                will rejoice in their inheritance.

       They will be thrilled with their inheritance.

       They will be overjoyed at what they have received at the table of the Lord.

       For there they will receive,

                             according to the record,

                                            the reward for suffering;

                                            the reward for persecution;

                                            the reward for faithfulness;

                                            the reward for service;

                                            the reward for sacrifice.


   they will receive the reward of the presence of the Lord.

   At the table of the Lord the hungry will be fed by the Spirit as they kneel in the presence of the Lord.

   Those who are not hungry will leave the table of the Lord unaccompanied by the Spirit.

   Those not invited will attempt to overturn the Table of the Lord as they do the will of Lucifer.

Then the hungry will have their reward for seeking the things of the Kingdom of God;

       for their hunger will remain;

           their eyes will be opened;

           their hearts will be filled with the Love of the Lord;

           their hands will then serve;

           their feet will then walk;

           and their tongues will then bear testimony of the Son.

Then I,

     the Lord,

           will uplift those who would serve,

                        those who would go,

                   and those who would tell.

     For I would have willing servants—




                                empowered by the Spirit and committed,

                                walking in the Spirit and rejoicing,

                                accompanied by the Spirit and proclaiming.

My message to the nations,

My word to the nations,

My glad-tidings to the nations will be taken by My willing servants now.

The message will be carried by My willing,




                                         hungry servants now:

                         the hungry servants fed at the Table of the Lord;

                         the servants that hunger for My word;

                         the servants that hunger for the light;

                         the servants that hunger to serve.

And the Table of the Lord will travel with the servants of the Lord.

      The Table of the Lord,

      the Banquet of the Lord,

      the Supper of the Lord—

                    will be set before the people;

                                         the people due an inheritance from the Lord.

      The people,

                 there made welcome to the Kingdom of the Lord,




                 will then regard their former ways;

                                    their sinful paths;

                                    their wayward walks as now no longer in the record of the Lamb.

   For there,

       at the Supper of the Lord,

             the Spirit will confirm the Lamb's acceptance of their sins,

             the Spirit will confirm the sacrifice of love,

             the Spirit will confirm the removal of the references to their sins from the record of the Lamb.”



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