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The Willingness of God (15.10.12)

“God is willing to lend a helping hand,

                          to lend a listening ear,

                          to speak the words of counsel,

                          to break the habits of a lifetime,

                          to venture into an initial relationship,

                          to provide the speech for My Spirit’s preaching in the voice of man –

                                                    for the building of His kingdom,

                                                               in the rescuing of His souls,

                                                               in the welfare of His peoples as they come to faith,

                                                               in the indwelling of His Spirit,

                                                               in the displaying of His grace at the forefront of belief.

God is willing to teach man of His ways,

                        to lead man into righteousness,

                        to discard the mess and the filth when on the outer of a life in need of a good spring clean.

God is willing to serve and service by example.

God is willing to commit His gifts unto a temple in the making,

        is willing to partake without a reservation,

        is willing to rejoice at the greeting of a soul,

        is willing to extend the arm of friendship to the body and the spirit,

        is willing to listen carefully to the prayers tentatively offered in a new beginning.

God is willing to watch the child of God begin to walk,

                                                                    to progress to a run,

                                                                    to attend in earnest so to master the tiered high places of The Lord.

God is willing to put His wisdom on the table readied for the teaching.

God is willing to accept those who seek His ordinances,

                                       those who would comply,

                                       those who would endure to reflect what they have learnt within a life previously at risk.

God is willing to allocate and to share,

                        to encourage and to uplift,

                        to treasure and to adopt:

                                          each into His family as He honours each permission of freewill –

                                                                            as encountered to be recounted by the body soul and spirit.

God is willing to impart the ministries of God to each:

                                        as each is readied in preparation;

                                        as each has acquired a heart in tune with God;

                                        as each has come to know His Spirit very well in His role of counsellor;

                                        as each is enthusiastic in his relationship with God;

                                        as each has become fluent with the tongues of The Spirit –

                                        as each is in full communication with the heavens;

                                        as each is conversant with the intent and the call of God –

                                                                                     declared unto a life within His care and trust.

God is willing to relate to all His servants:

                                           wheresoever they may be;

                                           whensoever they may seek His guidance;

                                           howsoever they have come to be in need;

                                           whosoever of His servants is calling out in urgency to God with a request in tongues.

God is willing to ensure understanding unless for a mystery of God;

                        to impart knowledge unless infringing on freewill of another;

                        to oversee a life unless contracted to the devil.

God is willing to counsel for entry into the light,

        is silent when sought to open the ways of darkness –

                                                where grace remains unknown because of circumstance.

God is willing to surmount the darkness,

                        to dispel its demons and its hangers-on,

                        to deal with such within the informed freewill of man.

God is willing to rescue souls in mire,

        is willing to attend the direst of the dire,

        is willing to override the wiles of Satan –

                                                     in the consequences of his being the foe of man in enmity.

God is willing to place His resources ready at the feet of the wayward soul seeking help:

                                                    in surfacing from the depths into the light –

                                         where justice reigns in wisdom and freedom seeks the truth.”


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