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My Relationship With Man (4.9.12)


    The Lord,

          speak to My servant Anthony this day,

                that he may act as My scribe in all he hears Me say,

                                                               in all he hears Me teach,

                                                               in all he hears Me task.


    The Lord Jesus,

          of the heavens and of the earth,

                say to man this day within reach of this,

                                                                         My word,

                     ‘Vacate and change your ways less you are smitten by My wrath.

                      Vacate and dismiss your habits of a lifetime –

                                                    those which can only lead you downwards.

                      Vacate and turn again forsaking your destruction of your fellow man –

                                                    in all its many guises which prevent,

                                                                           which stall,

                                                                           which place stumbling blocks along the pathway of

                                                                 his economic progress,

                                                                 his ability to achieve fair trades,

                                                                 his seeking to be treated righteously:

                                           by those he is forced to encounter in his effort for his family to survive.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘The golden rule for man is alive and well within the law of God,

                                                         is capable of recording accountability,

                                                         is the bearer of the injuries imposed,

                                                         is the flag ship of the estate of man,

                                                         is the out-working of the message of relationship,

                                                         is the invader and disposer of the field of sin,

                                                         is the archetype from the teaching of the cross,

                                                         is the defence in truth for any accusation levelled at the behaviour of a soul.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘For as you treat so you shall be treated.

                 For as you deceive so it shall be meted.

                 For as you choose the measure so it shall be measured out to you.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 



                 Those who live by the law shall be judged by the law.

                 Those who call on the law are subject to the law.

                 Those who suffer under the law can appeal the judgment of the law of man.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘If you choose the law know well the call for mercy and the mercy seat.

                 If you choose the law treat it with respect.

                 If you choose the law abide by its decision.

                 If you choose the law you are bound by its effect upon your life and upon your family.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘Beware the law which has been superseded in the interests of man.

                 Beware of the law which man will fail to keep.

                 Beware of the law which man does not remember.

                 Beware of the law of which man stands in ignorance.

                 Beware of the law which does not shed a tear.

                 Beware of the law for governing the multitude of man.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘Behold the free fall of grace.

                 Behold how grace settles.

                 Behold how grace wets and thaws.

                 Behold how grace can break the chains of imprisonment,

                                               can break the yoke of enslavement,

                                               can lighten and remove the burdens,

                                               can move the mountains around which man walks in circles.

                 Behold grace’s ease of access.

                 Behold grace’s ease of acceptance.

                 Behold grace’s manifold bearing on a life.

                 Behold My offer placed before the face of man that frees him from the law,

                                                                             that offers a promise he cannot redeem himself,

                                                                             that grants the promise he’s been seeking with a new covenant in place.’


    The Lord Jesus,

          say to man this day, 

                ‘Accept and receive the offer of My grace from The Loving God.

                 Endow your generations with the gifts of The Living God.

                 Seek the truth in action.

                 Seek the truth in being.

                 Seek the truth which is everlasting.

                 Seek the truth within the light of grace:

                                                        for a new beginning with The God of action,

                                                        for a new beginning of My relationship with you.’ ”


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