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The Boundlessness of Sin (6.12.12)

“The consequences of sin unresolved within the life of man are marked;

                            bringing down upon the head of man penalties which are the severest of the severe.

There is no grading of sin,

 there are no levels of varying acceptability,

 there are no countervailing measures which can be offered as a balance in permitting their retention.

For sin has dangers galore in store for man:

       sin gnaws at the heart until blackened,

             becomes an addiction of the soul,

             leads to the death of the spirit,

             results in imprisonment of the soul in the solitude of the confines of the pit without escape,

                                                              in the bottomless abyss forever falling,

                                                              in the raging fires of hell which never do consume,

                                                              in the lake of molten sulphur with the blue of the eternal flame.

For sin has dangers galore overlooked by man:

                              the simplicity of the starting point for the dope with dope,

                              the progression of entrapment through the range of pills,

                              the turbulence at home,

                              the disease along the way,

                              the building of the tension from the urges,

                              the sharing of the violence in the presence of the gangs,

                              the periods of conscious shame,

                              the broken promises forming a ring around the neck,

                              the seeking of the streets of ignominy,

                              the quest for anonymity,

                              the cursing and the witch hunts ending with the pickups and the dropouts,

                              the turning to alcohol with new problems by the day,

                              the acquiring of pornography with the onset of the lusts,

                              the turning to prostitution until there are no clients,

                              the tracks of many needles bringing moments of much stupor,

                              the temptations of the devil to encourage suicide,

                              the sleeping in the rough,

                              the sleeping in the cells,

                              the up before the judge,

                              the lies of meaninglessness created for escape,

                              the absenting of acquaintances who are no longer present –

                                                                      so joined in death within the circle of the damned.

From such as this,

 from such a place,

 from such a life,

                          can the distraught and weakened be rescued from the cliff edge of the nightmare,

                          can the sacrifice upon the cross have relevance to such within their anguish,

                          can there be no sorting of the level of the sin on a scale acceptable to God.

In such a life is sin just seen as sin;

                                        bringing such to fall short of the glory of God;

         whether it is a stolen sweet or a stolen car so is the thief convicted of his theft,

                                                                             so is the sinner convicted of his sin,

         so can the Redeemer bring salvation under the offering,

                          with the acceptance,

                                            of His grace for the freeing of the sinner tied to his sin.

The boundlessness of sin has no righteousness.

The boundlessness of sin has lies aplenty.

The boundlessness of sin has demons holding on to their possessions.

The boundlessness of sin has rampant captivity.

The boundlessness of sin has denial well proclaimed.

The boundlessness of sin has deception well embedded.

In the convicting of their sin will those seeking release confess and turn from their wicked ways,

 in their seeking of grace,

 in their time of purging and of cleansing,

                                   with the power of My Spirit released upon their spirit and their soul:

            so their body may become through faith a temple of righteousness wherein My Spirit dwells.

For as man seeks,

                     still in his sin;

      as he confesses,

                     in his humbleness of heart:

      so man will be blessed with The Grace of God,

                                           with the forgiveness of God,

                                           with the love of The Living God.

For as it is so shall it be erased;

 for as it was so shall it no longer be.”


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