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The Fall of Authority (27.11.14)

“The fall of authority frees the rampage of the soul.

The fall of authority signals freedom to take possession,

                                              freedom to acquire without a title,

                                              freedom to partake in carnage without remorse.

The fall of authority sees a scramble to take while all remains available,

                                                           while all is undefended,

                                                           while all lights up the eyes of greed.

The fall of authority sees the rise of villainy,

                                  sees the imposition of the will of demons,

                                  sees the instating of the warlord cut free from the morality of a nation.

The fall of authority explodes upon the destiny of children,

                                                      the fate of women in the home,

                                                      the separation of the components of a family.

The fall of authority is at the onset of the end-time suffering of man,

                                                        of the recriminations showered upon the neighbours,

                                                        of the destruction of the achievements of man,

                                                        of the proclamations attached to the credit cards of man,

                                                        of the control of man under the servitude of the needs of life.

The fall of authority is a sign of the coming mayhem of man,

                                  is a sign of the end-time wrath of God,

                                  is a sign of man’s recognition of his coming tribulation.

The fall of authority enables clashes of intent,

                                  promotes the procuring of weapons,

                                  establishes sieges at storage sites of wealth.

The fall of authority intensifies under agglomeration,

                                  magnifies the chaos,

                                  separates the butchers into roving gangs.

The fall of authority secretes the storage of ill-gotten gain,

                                  secretes the plans of infamies, 

                                  secretes the master plan for the lost and vilified.

The fall of authority creates a void quickly filled,

                                  creates an upsurge of ruthlessness,

                                  creates a loss of love and truth and of respect.

The fall of authority brings the bandits into prominence,

                                  brings the forsaken to despair,

                                  brings the charlatans to cheat,

                                  brings the peaceful to retreat into a guarded framework.

The fall of authority attaches stigmas where unjustified,

                                  has accusations in aplenty,

                                  sees purloining in excess.

The fall of authority breeds the baleful eyes in waiting,

                                  awakens the equivocator in man,

                                  hearkens to deceit to encroach upon an enclave.

The fall of authority endangers life in the near-term future,

                                  rings alarm bells in the churches,

                                  sets the call to establish the hedges of protection.

The fall of authority starts clandestine activities,

                                  starts conferences of aggression,

                                  starts alliances of self-interest,

                                  starts a time of change knocking on the doors.

The fall of authority puts the beggars on the streets,

                                  puts the wayward to flight,

                                  puts the prayerful on their knees.

The fall of authority witnesses imprisonments and death,

                                                 restrictions and curfews,

                                                 fear and abandonment,

                                                 hoarding and scarcities,

                                                 shivering and huddles,

                                                 hunger and starvation.

The fall of authority disorganizes man:

                                                 increases the vulnerability of the foolish,

                                                 bestows trepidation upon the on-lookers,

                                                 confirms the wisdom of the preparation of the wise.

The fall of authority has wide-flung implications,

                                  should not be ignored,

                                  may be annexed with both care and foresight,

                                  may be a blessing dependant on the circumstances,

                                  can be reinstated where betrayal does not occur,

                                  may be the springboard into a better way of life.

The fall of authority brings the hunters out into the jungles,

                                  brings the appeasers running around in circles,

                                  brings the dominators forward as the table thumpers,

                                  brings forth the handshakers with integrity appealing to the people in justice and in truth.

The fall of authority is an initiation of a new beginning,

                                  is an adjunct to inauguration,

                                  is a sign:

                                            to the end-time fall of nations under the oversight of God.

The fall of authority proceeds within the end-time storms besetting man.”


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