1 Gathering The Bride

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1. Gathering The Bride, Using Kingdom Keys,
    Now's the time - ask, seek and knock, For Heaven's Mysteries.
    So all shall receive, According to each heart;
    And, united, we all play our part.

2. See! The Prophets lead, Hearing from On High.
    Speaking to hearts in nations, As Redemption draws nigh.
    Planting seeds of life, In all the fertile soil;
    And with the Prophets we love to toil.

3. Calling God's workers! Singing as we go.
    Sharing The Kingdom's Good News, Preventing cries of woe.
    Holding high our heads, All armour is in place;
    And now on all the Saints shines His Face.

4. Off'ring Salvation When faith is but seeds.
    Under His Banner of Love, Witnessing with His deeds.
    Stretching out our hands, With Spirit's Tongues and Gifts;
    And, for the Saints, Faith's Shield never shifts.

5. Overcoming each satanic stronghold;
    Practising our ministries, Proclaiming what we're told.
    Conquering evil, High warfare praise on lips;
    And angels ensure no jacket rips.

6. Hear the Apostles, Called forth by Heaven.
    With instructions for His Saints, That remove the leaven.
    Installed and restored, For preparing His Bride;
    And among the Saints we shall abide.

7. The Saints of The Lord, With The Spirit's Torch,
    Lift high The Fire of Heaven That flares but does not scorch.
    The Warmth of The Son - The Favour of The Lord;
    And Restoration then wields The Sword.

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