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Welcome to The Song Lyrics, The Sheet Music and the MP3 Files


The Lyrics are available here for easy inspection and printed copies can be obtained by printing the page when a Song is selected, or by downloading the sheet music.

The sheet music (with embedded lyrics) can be downloaded freely by clicking on the appropriate pdf file link on the same selected page as the Lyric.

The MP3 file is also available for downloading freely. It plays all of a song's verses - there is no vocal.


As I am not a musician, the only way these could be done was to build the future upon the past - to put the lyrics as received to compositions written in the past. This was done by searching through the songs to which I had access in order to find ones with the same syllabic structure as would match the lyrics I had received.

Two songs, were received especially for two particular tunes - these were 'The Gathering of the Bride' to 'God's Got an Army' and 'Prepare to Greet!' to 'Lift Up Your Heads'

Two other songs ('Igniting The Fire!' and 'The Call From The Sky') have been received for a tune that I have not yet been able to locate ('Come to me' in guitar chords only so far and may possibly be a Hillsong release) so these 2 songs are currently using another tune here - #380 Scripture in Song, Bk2.

I have not been able to contact the composers who hold the copyrights to any of these tunes.

The PDF Notation sheets (down-loadable - click on the dark red linking text) include the Scripture in Song #ref. no. and the Bk 1, 2, or 3 in which the tune is found.

The Suite of Three Fanfares of The Kingdom of God has beed added, upon completion, on Saturday, 1st October 2016 and is Copyrighted only to protect the Suite, both collectively and individually, from change or denigration.'
These Fanfares may be freely used and played wherever Christians gather.


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