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The Waterways of God (17.7.12)

“The waterways of God flow outward in one direction,

                                       flow according to the spirit,

                                       flow according to the soul of domination.

The waterways of God seek the shortest course,

                                      can get hung up in a pond while waiting for the overflow.

The waterways of God can mark the sources,

                                      can mark the courses,

                                      can mark the length of flow,

                                      can mark the rate of flow,

                                      can end up in the bathmats for the eyes.

The waterways of God are the release points as at the spillways of a dam,

                  the spillways filling each tail-race with emotions running raw,

                                                                         with uncapped feelings,

                                                                         with distant memories,

                                                                         with intense disappointment,

                                                                         with inexpressible joy:

                                                        when the words of the soul are overtaken,

                                                                                    are exhausted,

                                                                                    become inadequate;

                                                                             with the surfacing of the spirit at a needed point in time.

The waterways of God can have a sound all of their own,

                                                                             need no query as to their origin,

                                                                             are identified with ease.

The waterways of God are reserved for the intellect of man as the alarm bells of the spirit:

                                                                                                as the bells of loneliness,

                                                                                                as the bells of celebration;

                                                                                                as the bells of frustration,

                                                                                                as the bells of bitterness released;

                                                                                                as the bells warning of nearby hidden rocks,

                                                                                                as the bells within a lighthouse on a foggy night.

The waterways of God often carry sounds without the wetting,

                                               speak of the young in need,

                                               are the call-outs for some mothering,

                                               are the requests for loving arms.

The waterways of God speak a language all their own,

                                      speak a language showing need of consolation,

                                                                  showing need of urgency,

                                                                  showing need of companionship,

                                                                  showing need of comforting:

                                                                                 as the spirit cries.

The spirit cries with reason:

                 cries for attention,

                 cries in despair,

                 cries in mourning for the loved,

                 cries in desperation for the lost.

The spirit cries at the depression of the soul,

                         at the marks of Cain,

                         at a marriage degenerating into violence,

                         at a vision received which can no longer be fulfilled,

                         at betrayal of a contract no longer held as sacred.

The waterways of God shed and recover,

                                     water and stain,

                                     dry-up and restore.

The waterways of God dissipate the surplus which breaks restraint,

                                                    the surplus built upon injustice,

                                                    the surplus built upon elation:

                                                    the surplus which brings the soundings of the spirit,

                         and so provides a record either for a bench or for an entry against a record within The Book of Life.”


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