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The Wastelands of God (14.7.12)

“The wastelands of God are the dead zones of creation,

               of where there is no life,

               of where existence is limited to God,

               of where the needs of life are yet to be accumulated,

               of where the location has the parameters for life still unset by God,

               of where the nursery for creation is running wild and unfurnished,

               of where the zoning is unfriendly to the life envisaged,

               of where the new beginning is still awaiting the creation of the birthplace,

                                                                                      the creation of protection,

                                                                                      the creation of the species in accord with His will.

The creation of a species requires the assembling of the building blocks,

                                                       the tweaking of the strain control,

                                                       the adjustments for the senses,

                                                       the bestowing of the means of movement within the planned environment,

                                                       the selecting of appearance,

                                                       the placement of the appendages;

                                                       establishing an interlocking chain of food,

                                                       setting the effort for predation,

                                                       modifying the skin for function,

                                                       fixing the rate of metabolism,

                                                       attending to the steps within digestion,

                                                       choosing from a multitude of reflex actions –

                                                                  through the synapses of an in-line circuitry –

                                                                           to the remoteness of a brain,

                                                       determining the circulation of the nutrients,

                                                       installing the armour –

                                                                       or protection –

                                                              for the day or night as generated.

The creation of a species requires originality,

                                         is the concept of integration on a scale of grand design –

                                                      so non-intended conflicts are avoided both in time and space,

                                                      so each species has access to success according to intent:

                                                                     while free from incidents threatening longevity of being.

The creation of a species must address its preservation,

                                                  anticipate a gradual adaptation with its breeding line secure,

                                                  while prolificacy is related as a subset of reproduction.

The creation of a species has no role for chance,

                                         is established on the principles of life from the blocks controlling compilation of the code:

                                                        structured so to handle the needs of updating,



                                     together with variance of the individual and continuation for the generations in a storehouse of efficiency.

The storehouse of efficiency needs to be memory dependent,

                                                                  memory maintaining,

                                                                  memory correcting,

                                                                  memory serving,

                                                                  memory recording,

                                                                  memory deleting:

                 with a controller resident in the storehouse which can call the tune;

                            which can read the breathing of new life into an inert shell;

                            which can control all aspects of an entity of being throughout the repetitions of the cycle of life.

The wastelands of God are visited by God,

                                      are at the direction of God,

                                      exist because of God,

                                      change through the objective of God,

                                      settle in perfection within the will of God.

The wastelands of God become the fertile and the productive,

                                                    the washed and the refreshed,

                                                    the carpeted and the homelands;

                                     are surveyed by God and pronounced as good and bountiful,

                                                   as the homelands now take due prominence in the sight of God.

The wastelands of God are never without promise,

                                      are never without commitment to finality,

                                      are never described correctly when tied to the ‘land’ descriptive,

     are from the outset endowed with destinies of composition as systems borne for supporting life:

                  of systems in the making yet presently hostile to the life each is targeted to carry,

                  of systems composing within the mists,

                                    composing within the vapours,

                                    composing within the liquids,

                                    composing within the dust,

                                    composing within the clouds,

                                    composing within the mind of God –

                                                         of systems being set upon a roadway to success.

For as each is instilled by God,

                                          so it is enabled to bear.”


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