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The Visiting of Megiddon (11.7.12)

“The valley of Megiddon is soon to receive its visitors of purpose,

                                                                      its visitors chasing vengeance,

                                                                      its visitors seeking conflict:

                                                                      its visitors without remorse,

                                                                                        without mercy,

                                                                                        without a worthwhile knowledge of The God of Israel.

The valley of Megiddon sits and waits,

                                        does nothing to hasten to its destiny,

                                        ignores the distant sounds of man,

                                        is quiescent in displaying the battlefield of God,

                                                                                  the battlefield of The Lord,

                                                                                  the battlefield of The Spirit’s fire,

                                                                                  the battlefield of the end-time of Israel.

The valley of Megiddon is peaceful in the sun,

                                        is a landscape which does not display the past,

                                                                          does not display the future,

                                        displays only the present in confirmation of a present time of peace.

The valley of Megiddon with its plain of battle is a blood-soaked land,

                                                                            has been at the forefront of much hatred,

                                                                                                                    of much turmoil,

                                                                                                                    of much anger in despair.

The valley of Megiddon with its plain of battle has been an arena of the mournful,

                                        of the tears from wounded hearts,

                                        of the challenge to survive the daze of blows upon a head,

                                                                                    the daze of blood-loss to the soil,

                                                                                    the daze of loss of will when confronted by the slaughter of the guilty,

                                                                                                 the slaughter of the innocent,

                                               the slaughter where the dead remain uncounted stretched out across the plain in all the days of strife.

The days of strife are again unfolding in the heart of man,

                                        for man chooses to ignore the lessons available from history,

                                                     chooses to ignore the balance of the power,

                                                     chooses to ignore the feats available to his enemy of choice,

                                                     chooses to ignore the victory signs within the word of God,

                                                     chooses to ignore the certainty of defeat,

                                                     chooses to ignore the forecast of the outcome.

The days of strife are not many in number,

                             are mostly spent in preparation,

                                                        in garnishing the battlefield with fodder for the weapons,

                                                        in selecting the bravest and the fittest to be the first to die,

                                                        in selecting a place of safety from which to view the deeds of an assembled army,

                                                                                                       from which to view the coming deeds of God.

For as it is written so it will be deployed,

                              so wrath will go to completion in My battle against the evil within man,

                                                                      which whispers in his ear,

                                                                      which contaminates his spirit,

                                                                      which captures his soul,

                                                                      which directs his freewill as if a robot running amok.

For as it is written so man encounters My Spirit’s fire to purify the holy land on which he stands,

                              on which he rattles his sword in open defiance,

                              on which he shouts his challenge to the God of Abraham,

                              on which his legions have invaded on a quest for vengeance,

                              on which,

                                    in foolishness,

                                          he calls the risen living God to account:

                                      so The God of Israel mounts the rock and roars as The Mighty Lion of Judah surrounded by His tribe.”


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