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The Inside of The Eyelids (16.7.12)

“The inside of the eyelids of man are the screens of scenes,

                                                      are the screens fitted for reception of projection,

                                                      are the screens fitted for communication,

                                                      are the screens fitted for sighted telepathy with God.

The inside of the eyelids are sensitive and definitive,

                                        are secured and private,

                                        are for the holy and the sacred,

                                        are for the revealing of the intent of God.

The inside of the eyelids have almost closed positions,

                                        work in unison together,

                                        have colour at the switch,

                                        can be focussed on with intent,

                                        can change the direction of the motion,

                                        can determine the centre of display.

The inside of the eyelids are tuned for display,

                                        require waiting on The Lord,

                                        are  prepared for access,

                                        have beauty within their bounds,

                                        intimate the things of God to the servants of The Lord.

The inside of the eyelids are the screens of God,

                                        are fragile in displays as for the stopping of transmission,

                                        are for when in a place of uninterrupted rest,

                                        are managed by My Spirit,

                                        are for those who converse with God,

                                                             who know His voice,

                                                             who know His tongues with understanding,

                                                             who can both receive and impart the things of God within the tasking of His servant.

The inside of the eyelids are not there to imprison man in darkness,

                                                             to just safeguard the eyes,

                                                             to leave him groping for his way,

                                                             to leave him in need of a guiding hand,

                                                             to leave him as the blind and blinded without a testimony of healing.

The inside of the eyelids are there to portray the light of Christ,

                                                       to bring the magnificence of creation as reality,

                                                       to call My servants past the stumbling blocks,

                                                                                       past the times of faltering,

                                                                                       past the attacks of demons,

                                                                                       past sojourning in a wilderness:

                                                                        into the presence of The Lord.

The inside of the eyelids serve My servants when in isolation,

                                                                      when removed against their will,

                                                                      when companionship is limited,

                                                                      when input to the spirit is restricted by man.

The inside of the eyelids are of benefit when counsel is being sought,

                                                               when the way of progress is unclear,

                                                               when man in need of prayer is scheduled to present before My servant,

                                                               when confirmation of the truth is being sought.

The inside of the eyelids are fitted to bring sound,

                                        are fitted to convey the understanding as required by God,

                                        are fitted with the visual and the audio –

                              the links enabled for the reception of the telepathic transmissions from The Lord.

The inside of the eyelids grow and develop with the practise of My disciples,

                                                                      with the use employed,

                                                                      with the experience gained:

           for as a toddler learns to walk,

                   so the eyelid turns from being a shutter bringing darkness to a curtain disclosing light.”


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