Thailand - February 2006

Adrienne with her charges

      After my time in Thailand, it was so enjoyable that I wanted to go again. My aunt left me some money and so again I applied to OMF. Their response was come in 2 weeks, we need you urgently.
      My job was to teach English to 3 Filipino children  from the same family, also to oversee the older boys as they did their home-schooling in English. I stayed at the Mission home for the month of February. It was led by a New Zealand couple that I already knew something about. While there I was also asked to cover a cot mattress - by using a sewing machine.
      Another thing I was asked to do was to teach for 3 days a small group of preschoolers who belonged to the Missionaries while their parents were at a conference. The lessons and the craft work were already prepared for me. The subject was "God will meet our needs." The Missionaries who were learning the Thai language left their children with a helper and myself.
      Lunch was a full Thai dinner which was made each day by a Thai cook and so I got a wonderful taste of their cooking and got to know missionaries from many countries - bright young people who were a pleasure to know. The afternoons were for resting but I also was asked to use conversational English with a young Mongolian man. I did this for an hour or 2. He had a wonderful testimony of how he came to know Jesus.
      The highlight for me was the King Narai festival. He lived in Charles 2nd times (1600's) and built a summer palace here, which is now in ruins. Everyone dresses in bright silk traditional costumes. There are parades with elephants and a light show of different re-enactments. It was fantastic. This festival lasts 5 days. People learn their history from this. For 1 week all the high school children wear coloured satin shirts, both boys and girls. It's a time to show off their Thai traditions. King Narai  was visited by the French Ambassador and taught about astronomy. He had a hunting lodge nearby with many stables for all his elephants.
      I was fascinated and sad to leave all my newly found friends in Thailand for they gave me a good time with many happy memories.


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