Thailand - October 2004


Adrienne - 3rd from top right

      In 2003 The Lord gave me a vision. I saw a group of children and they were calling out to me to "Come over and help us."
      So I applied to OMF and was accepted to teach English in this nation for 7 weeks. I worked for 2 couples - 1 N.Z. couple and 1 Australian couple in Supanburi in central Thailand; famous for its monkey shrine. I taught in 3 schools, 1 Primary Buddhist school, 1 Secondary boys' school and a Buddhist school in the country.
      I was also a part of teaching English for primary school children (1 week), and secondary school children (1 week) called the "Good News Vacation Club." These clubs included games and craft work. I was so fascinated with the culture and the people and how I also was part of a group who went to the slums. And another group who taught English to student nurses. Also I was asked with others to go to the Saraburi English Improvement Course held for teachers.
      The others were from many parts of the world. We stayed in a hotel for a week and shared a room with a woman from the States. The teachers couldn't do enough for us - I taught a group of five. I baby-sat Grace, a 3 yr old daughter, while her N.Z. mother practised her conversational Thai each week. I also stayed at the mission home in Chiang Mai in the North and while there visited "The House of Love" orphanage and the Grace International School.  I was part of all the missionary activities and saw many wonderful sights, churches, and home groups for which I will be forever grateful.


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