My Tenali Pastor with his Family

Welcome to India

and especially to

Pastor John - at Tenali

A true Man of God - right where he is supposed to be

Pastor John here shares his heart and ministry with us
that we might stretch out a hand to his . . . and grasp it firmly
to assist him in comforting those in need on the other side of the road.

Please, do not walk this road with eyes averted.
For, dear traveller, there is an Inn further down this road where the wounded,
the ill, and the lost can rest and be made whole.


My Pastor John - of My Tenali Vineyard -
with his dear wife, Karuna Sudha,

and their two lovely children - Joshua aged 10, and Tina aged 5

"Walking in My favour and with My blessings"

The word of The Lord Jesus
Wednesday 8th June 2011
Photo updated 22nd April 2013


The Reaching Forward Ministries
'My Name is John / Nageswara Rao. Annavarapu, a native evangelist & Social worker from Tenali, Andhra Pradesh, South India - a Telugu speaking area with a population of 90 million people with different cultures. Ours is a Hindu country full of idol worship and the people are blind to the true Gospel and Saviour. They bring fear and confusion to their lives by worshipping their idols and are influenced by demonic spirits.

I have a very great call to serve our Lord by winning the lost and reviving those who seek, and thereby to show our God's Love both to the people of the Hindus and to different Tribes, renewing and strengthening the local churches for the extension of His Glorious kingdom in these last days of our Lord’s second coming. So I am faithful in his vineyard and the Lord is using me mightily to establish rural churches among Hindus and to conduct gatherings, meetings and seminars. So far I am able to establish about 7 congregations and the leaders of the church live in faith and in the leading of their lives.

India is a poor and Hindu dominating country and the plight of the gospel workers are pitiable and pathetic. Unless, and until, they are taken care of by some one with Love and Support they can't work effectively and so I have been seeking your Love, work of God, Prayers and concern to this work run under The Reaching Forward Ministries.'


Click on the links for more details of this First Book and Fourth Book in Telugu in Andhra Pradesh

(Available in Tenali, India, July 2013 and August 2014)

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