My Tenali Children together

“Do not treat My children as strangers,
                                                           as of no account,
                                                           as without a name,
                                                           as beyond the need to touch,
                                                           as flung outside the reach of love,
                                                           as placed behind a wall of silence.

For such as these are the ones I put upon My knees,
                                                                     I encircle with My arms,
                                                                     I carry on My shoulders.

For such as these do not know their grandparents,
                                        do not know a spare knee,
                                        do not know the love of parents,
                                        do not know the security of an embrace,
                                        do not know the comfort of a cuddle.

For such as these have need of learning,
                                        have need of health,
                                        have need aligned with their maturing as an adult:
                                        have need for the portraying of a hero in their lives –
                                                                                                          of what they can aspire to,
                                                                                                          of hope,
                                                                                                          of expectation:
                                                                                                 of a life freed from the stunting of deprivation.”

"Even so, My little ones such as these are not forgotten"

Orphan Children    

Orphan Children


The Orphanage

Pastor John writes, in part: (from his eMail of 29th Jan 2011)
'The Lord has kept before us an agreed burden and concern for the orphans, the Street Children, the aged widows, the physically handicapped, those with medical needs,


The Need for clean Drinking Water      Palm Sunday St March 29

Drinking Water Wells                                                                 Palm Sunday Street March 2013

together with the urgent need for Drinking Water Wells. With the local meager donations I have started a mini-orphan home and helping the aged widows.


Bible Classes for Children      Distributing book and stationery

Bible Classes for Children                                                           Distributing Books and Stationery

All these activities have been taken care on faith and people like you can stretch your helping hand to reach these un-reached with the objectives. Groups of youth have been striving hard to fulfill the vision given to us.
I hope and trust that these under privileged and deprived street children shall stand as pillars in the days to came to share their responsibility as true citizens of the soil.'


Feeding Poor Children      Feeding The Poor in slums

Feeding Poor Children                                                                  Feeding The Poor in Slums

Pastor John writes, in part: (from his eMail of 7th Feb 2011)
'As far as our community development services for the poor people, especially poor orphan children, are concerned, we have maintained the orphanage for 20 poor children for the last 7 years with very limited resources.

* * * * * * *


A monthly support gift (NZ$40) to a child for ongoing love and care - impoverished and/or orphaned (their parents were 'Christmas' Tsunami victims on 26th Dec 2004).
This  ensures outreached arms of love, shelter, food, and clothing together with health care, schooling and the teachings of Jesus as each child grows and develops.


This really is on the 'cutting edge' of loving and caring for our Brothers and Sisters

where EVERY gift makes a HUGE Difference


where NOTHING is wasted.


The Plight of A Child (5.5.11)

“The plight of a child is not of his making,
                                               is not of his seeking,
                                               is not of his deserving.

The plight of a child calls for alms of rescue,
                                             calls for arms of rescue,
                                             calls for the presence of a loving heart.

The plight of a child can mark a life,
                                             can mar a life,
                                             can set in motion a course of action.

The plight of a child rewards the upholder of his dignity,
                                              rewards his entrance into a place of honour,
                                              rewards the elimination of the cause.

The plight of a child seats each at the mercy seat of God,
                                             seats such upon a knee accustomed to their presence,
                                             seats such within the earshot of a call for help.

The plight of a child is urgent in the need,
                                             is urgent in the sheltering,
                                             is urgent in the presenting of an empty bowl,
                                             is urgent in the finding of a source of love.

The plight of a child requires rescuing from violence,
                                              requires dressing for the weather,
                                              requires supervision at a table.

Blessed are those who alleviate the plight of a child.
Blessed are those who forestall the plight of a child.
Blessed are those who address the plight of a child.

Woe to all who bring to pass the plight of a child.

Woe to all who abandon,
                   all who mistreat,
                   all who fail to care,
                   all who have hearts of selfishness,
                   all who have inflicted plight upon a child,
                   all who have ample yet will not share,
                                                               yet will not succour,
                                                               yet will not support the sanctity of life.

Woe to those who would follow in My footsteps –
                                                 yet pass over to the other side with their head averted.

Woe on woe to all who would not assist a child into his destiny with God,
                                                                for such reserve themselves a destiny which will not be to their liking,
                                                                for such will share responsibility for what that child becomes,
                                                               for such cannot disown what they profess yet do not do.”

* * * * * * *


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