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Congregation among Hindus (Rear)      Congregation among Hindus (Facing)

Congregation among Hindus (Service)                                        Congregation among Hindus (Later)

Pastor John writes, in part: (from his eMail of 7th Feb 2011)
'So far as our ministry and its associated services oriented activities, besides our yeoman Gospel work are concerned, our specific focus and emphasis is on rural evangelism and urban slums to spread the Gospel in the interior far away villages, we preach and evangelise the Gospel Mostly for cast Hindu people and most obviously, there are only 3% Christians here in India, predominantly India is the Hindu country, idolatry is so rampant, the Hindu traditional customs are so rigid and most pitiable.




By the mercies, blessings of the Lord and Prayers of people like you, with utmost initiative and concerted plans, my self, our fellow Pastors and fellow ministry workers are all doing the ministry with decent forethought faithfulness, commitment and strong determination in order to establish “ Kingdom Of God ” here in India.


Hindu Home Group      Hindu People

Hindu Home Group                                                                              Hindu People



Slum Families

Tribal People

Tribal People

In this aspect, still a lot more is to be done with vehement outlook and approach and for all this, as you may well know, to maintain the ministry is the most Herculean task and as such, with deep gratitude, we do need your continuous immense Prayers, Help, and support.'


Widows with Gifts of Saris and Blankets

Widows with Gifts of Sarees and Blankets.

As regards to poor widows, who are associated with our churches, we are providing them with monthly provisions, or blankets, Sarees etc with proper care and attention.


Palm Sunday Orphans St March 29    

Progress: Orphan Children's Palm Sunday Street March 2013.

The children with their hand-decorated palm fronds liven up the neighbourhood singing hymns and joyful songs as they walk.


Love Feast

Love Feast

We are doing all this by Faith only.'

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  • Some land (NZ$3,000) for a new church (if land not donated by the Headman of the village) opens up hope for the future to a village without the presence of any assembly place for The Shepherd's flock.
  • A new Assembly (church) Building (NZ$5,000) brings shelter and a sense of a centre of belonging to a village.
  • A fresh water Bore Well (NZ$350 with a hand pump in front of the church brings the gathering of village women from some 25 families.
  • A Sewing Machine (NZ$300 each) - a group of 8 in a room,
  • A Cutting Table (NZ$600) for the sewing room
  • A Sewing Room (NZ$3000) enables the women folk of The Lord Jesus in Tenali eventually to earn an income from within their homes.

This is The Advent Trust's only form of making these opportunities known: the encouraging of your participation through sponsorship or donations - monthly or otherwise, right here, right now.

Please do not procrastinate. Now is the time of need. Now is the time of growth. Now is the time for evangelism in India.

This is an opportunity to bring change to lives, to uphold my brother's helper, to affirm Christian discipleship, and, indeed, to go into all the world - where your funds reach out efficiently in order to achieve that which you desire.

Please read each of these Tenali-based opportunities for expansion of His fellowship of believers in India - there are a number which may touch your heart in being affirmed by The Holy Spirit.


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