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The End-time Survival of My People (29.3.12)

“The end-time survival of My people requires a pro-active stance:

                                                             requires updating of positions of mobs upon the streets,

                                                                                                   of gangs intent to raid,

                                                                                     of weapons to be encountered –

                                                                                                              both by day and by night,

                                                                    of proximity of threat,

                                                       of where a sanctuary exists,

                                          of where safety in numbers should indicate the gathering of My people under the mantle of My hosts.

The end-time survival of My people requires access to the necessities of life:

                                                                                    to shelter of substance,

                                                                                    to water in sufficient quantity,

                                                                                    to food for all the intended mouths,

                                                                                    to clothing of necessity,

                                                                                    to means of cooking,

                                                                                    to the need for hygiene so disease is kept at bay.

The end-time survival of My people will depend on their forethought for the placement of their stashes compiled to sustain the time
                                                 of self-dependence:

                                                              as resources are no longer available for selection,

                                                              as fuel becomes a luxury sought by all,

                                                              as the storm brings damage in its wake,

                                                              as the facilities of man are laid waste before his eyes,

                                                              as rescue becomes the need for the immobilized and trapped,

                                                              as first aid becomes the need for the hurt and the wounded,

                                                              as comforting becomes the need for the frightened and the irresolute,

                                                              as estrangement becomes the tableau for the unprepared,

                                                              as direction becomes the need for the unfortunate at a loss to comprehend their situation.

The end-time survival of My people requires concentration on the tasks at hand,

                                                                         preparation as the key to needs,

                                                                         the stocking of the pantries both for sustenance and care,

                                                                         the preservation of the items so usage is not impaired,

                                                                         the proximity of instruments,

                                                                                                of tools:

                                                                                               to ease the way –

                                                                                               to light the way –

                                                                                               to find the way.

The end-time survival of My people is of paramount importance,

                                                           is dependent on the end-time faith,

                                                           is wise in following My end-time counsel:

                                                                       in recognizing the storm of Satan to a saint at large,

                                                                       in taking precautions for preservation when events within surroundings are seen,

                                                                                                                                                                  are heard,

                                                                                                                                                                  are felt,

                                                                                                                                                                  are known,

                                                                                                                                                                      to be unstable.

Beware of the debris which clutters,

                                  which puts a life at risk,

                                                           through the impact of gravity.

The end-time survival of My people is assisted by the time of prayer,

                                                           is motivated when in the presence of the practised tongues of heaven,

                                                           is assured by a close relationship with God where a two-way conversation is not unknown,

                                                                                                                                                                           is often the norm,

                                                                                                                                                                        is common to each day.

My saints should pay attention to both the end-time cataclysm of the earth –

                                                                                         the birth pangs of the coming forth;

                                                               plus the intermixing with the end-time cataclysm of the multitudes of man –

                                                                                                                            where death and mayhem prevail until complete:

                                                                                                                                               within their season under heaven.

So My people are not as the abandoned with a fate of little hope –

                       are not as the flotsam cast upon a foreshore;

                       are not as the battered by the dismantlers of the homes of man;

                       are not as the wounded by flying skittles in the skies;

                       are not as the swamped left by the surging seas;

                       are not as the huddled found upon the shaking earth:

                                                                                              as left for dead.

So My people are to be numbered among the survivors of the tribulation of man;

                       are to be summoned by the trumpet call of the end of age,

                       are to be there in purity to greet the groom arriving on the clouds of conquest.

So My people,

        the sheep of My flock,

        the saints of God,

        the sons of God,

        the temples of My Spirit:

                  are approaching the end-time of an age,

                                             the end-time of My Spirit’s indwelling,

                                             the end-time of the age of grace:

                                             the end-time which beckons to transition unto the throne of God.”


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