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The End-time Surroundings of Man (23.3.12)

“The vagaries of the weather speak of interference in the cycling of the earth,

                                               speak of variables beyond their controlling bounds,

                                               speak of infringing on the constants in equations of great complexity.

The vagaries of the weather sees acceleration,

                                              sees unreliability,

                                              sees the exposure of the foolishness of man.

The foolishness of man clings to that which should be discarded,

                                       seeks others to repair that to which he holds the title,

                                       repeats the mistakes of yesteryear where the painful lessons still remain ignored.

The foolishness of man would exert the effort of his hand to uplift a drunken building in an attempt to make it stand,

                                       would accept the presence of the shifting sand,

                                       would not seek the rock which still withstands,

                                       would not plan for a recurrence of distress in or upon the land.

Man should not build on the flood plains of the earth when temporarily forsaken by their rivers,

                                                              where the seas encroach upon the shorelines which do not offer sanctuary,

                                                              where the candles of The Lord flame in casting residues from which escape is difficult,

                                                              where the land shakes bringing consternation with failure to the activities of man.

My people should not dwell where My word and My counsel caution otherwise.

Man should not dwell where commonsense decries a course of action to the sane.

My people have access to My counsel,

           know the presence of My Spirit,

           know the Fatherhood of God,

           know the love of The Son,

           know the giftings of My Spirit:

                   yet still they are carried headlong to a cliff as if led by the lemmings of the day;

                   yet still they pay no heed to the history of the stage on which they stand;

                   yet still they lack the preparation necessary for inclusion as My bride;

                   yet still they have not perceived the end-time in the making;

                   yet still My sheep do not ponder on the goats within their midst;

                   yet still is My word ignored though with nodding heads,

                                                              with lip service that marks no intent to change,

                                                                                             no intent to prepare,

                                                                                             no intent to act –

                                                                                                     even in their own self-interest.

For My people of independence carry no weight of heartfelt concern;

                                                             no commitment borne within their hearts,

                                                             no realization of the horrors which they are about to face.

Woe to those among My people who hold complacency up before their God.

Woe to those among My people who bring procrastination to the table of The Lord.

Woe to those among My people who with years aplenty,

                                                      still are not weaned,

                                                      still cannot place the armour,

                                                      still do not hear the counsel of My Spirit,

                                                      still do not know the gifts of My Spirit,

                                                      still are not filled with the fullness of My Spirit,

                                                      still do not hearken to their taskings,

                                                             do not uplift the willing arms of service,

                                          are only known by God for arrivals and departures where late and early are transposed just so.

Woe to those who care not for commitment;

                      who care not for their fellowship;

                      who care not for their promises;

                      who care not for their lies;

                      who care not for their safety:

              until it becomes too late for repentance under grace.

Woe to those who are strangers to the tithe,

                      who tender minimal offerings,

                      who overlook the first fruits of their labours.

Woe to those who seek grace from,

                                       without responsibility to,

                    The God who died upon a cross for their eternal well-being.

Let the wise encourage action.

Let the wise prepare their rations.

Let the wise foresee the lack of services soon to be.

Let the wise compile the lists of their needs to survive,

                                                                       to procure,

                                                                       to set aside so –

                                                                                    from among the multitudes –

                                                 My people are prepared for what is soon to come upon them.

In this end-time of preparation for My bride:

                         the goats will remain the goats,

                         the goats will attempt to distract My sheep, the goats will bleat their interruptions,

                         the goats will come and go without intent to linger longer than a circling of the sun.

            The goats of man will not share the fodder of My sheep;

                                    will not reap at the expense of others;

                                    will not dwell in false colours among the flock of God,

                                    will not share in that from which contributions are withheld.

            For soon the goats of man will not cohabit within the flock of God:

                                                  as the end-time harvest is brought into the sanctuaries of God.

            For there are those with eyes who do not see,

                                  those with ears who do not hear,

                                  those with hands who do not do,

                                  those with feet who do not go,

                                  those with mouths who do not repent,

                                  those with lips who do not witness,

                                  those with gifts who do not use them.

            For these are they who look and sound and act like goats within the flock of God.

            For these are they who will not stand before the altar of the lamb dressed as for a wedding.

            For these are they who remain as strangers to discipleship where commitment is as transient as the zephyrs on a summer’s

            For these are they who allow a promise of the record to lie upon the dust at the discarding of intent.

So as My bride is selected by My Spirit for presentation to The Father,

                             so as My bride is justified,

                             so as My bride is sanctified,

                             so as My bride is pure,

                             so as My bride is holy,

         so as The Son knows the heart of each is true unto the proclamations of each tongue of every spirit,

                            so will the call be heard before the gathered throng,

                                                      with righteousness established for eternity,

                                                                                  in the presence of The Lamb.

The bride of Christ is about to meet the test of prophecy as it nears fruition,

                                is in the timeframe of fulfilment,

                                neither leads to a disowning of His sheep nor of His lambs.

The bride of Christ is built on each man’s relationship with God:

                                      for as the heart so carries,

                                                            so will the reward be made;

                                      for as the soul so testifies,

                                                            so will assurances be given;

                                      for as the body bows,

                                                            so each spirit is uplifted;

                                      for as the tongues confess,

                                                            so the beings of creation transition into the presence of their God.”


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