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The End-time of My People (27.3.12)

“My people do not seek access to My word,

                    do not respond to what is laid before them,

                    do not consider fully the effect upon their lives.

My people are about to be beset by the rampaging of the beast,

                   are about to encounter a fight for survival,

                   are about to suffer pillage,

                   are about to suffer looting,

                   are about to be molested in their homes,

                   are about to be battered by the storms in which will be encountered the satanic souls of man evident as nightmares
                                                                                                                                                                                       in their lives.

My people are about to be pursued by the vindictive soul of man,

                                                              the jealous soul of man,

                                                              the selfish soul of man,

                                                              the greedy soul of man,

                                                              the sexual soul of man,

                                                              the hungry soul of man:

              in a season which sees the casting off of all restraint as the cities enact out –

                                                                                                  become –

                                                                                                  deteriorate into –

                                                           the jungles of the earth where order is deposed;

                                                                                                 where might becomes the right;

                                                                                                 where the will of man is dispensed from the loaded barrel of a gun.

My people should not rush to and fro in disarray,

                  should be prepared to stand their ground,

                  should have their defences studied and in place,

                  should not plan a route filled with obsequiousness,

                  should not crave for that which is unattainable,

                  should neither be transfixed nor stilled by what presents before them.

My people should not squander time when it is at a premium,

                                                       when reflexes can save a life,

                                                  when God speaks into a void which fills with faith and action,

                                              when angels are surrounding and where the prayer of faith converts to the witnessing of miracles.

My people may come to the end of their tether,

                  may not know how or what to seek,

                  may not remember to give thanks for all which they receive,

                  may feel as the deserted and downtrodden in their experiences of the day,

                  may be weary of their mountains,

                  may be tired of their repeated journeying.

My people may seek their rest when the effort taxes strength,

                  may fail to man the barricades when stress is to the fore,

                  may not defend the ramparts of protection from opening attacks,

                  may retreat to where defence is no longer tenable when boldness would have won the day,

                  may prefer to ignore that which they fear is not within their control,

                  may feel estranged from God when tribulation rules the day.

The people of God dwell within the arms of the loving God,

                               dwell within the promises made known to His people,

                               dwell within the inheritance of the family of God,

                               dwell within the guardianship of angels,

                               dwell within the security of the flock of The Good Shepherd,

                               dwell within the preparation for eternal life,

                               dwell within the promise of The Father,

                               dwell within the end-time of the advent of The Lord.

My sheep of the new covenant are being called to a new beginning:

                                                                             for which they should be prepared.”


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