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The End-time Supplicant of God (4.4.12)

“The end-time supplicant enlists the ear of God,

                                          knows God as a subscriber to his tongues,

                                          knows God within the realm of his understanding.

The end-time for the supplicant is the season of tribulation,

                                                       the season of answered prayer,

                                                       the season of a growing relationship in depth.

The end-time for the supplicant is of intense divine companionship,

                                                   is of addressing The Father as ‘Abba’,

                                                                                                as ‘Daddy’,

                                                                                                as ‘Dad’ as if seated at His feet,

                                                                                                              as if at home within His presence:

                                                          when all pretence is far behind,

                                                          when sin and pride have no entry on a slate,

                                                          when grace receives due favour from The Spirit’s presence.

For such as these the loving God greets with the smile of blessing,

                                                     hearkens to a contrite spirit,

                                                     greets afresh an open heart where rancour is unknown.

For such as these is the inheritance of the cross with all the implications based on faith,

                                                                            with all the commitments based on the new covenant,

                                                                            with all the accruals born of grace enacted.

For such as these did The Messiah come,

                            did The Messiah linger on the cross,

                            did The Messiah put grace into the freewill choice of man,

                            did The Father establish the new covenant:

                                                              the pathway for the reconciliation of God and man.

For such as these does The Spirit indwell a temple in the making,

                            does The Spirit counsel,

                            does The Spirit welcome for the record.

For such as these,

                with their temples fully washed and operational,

                                can The Spirit come in fullness bringing the promise of The Father.

For such as these will the end-time become the lead-in to the stars.

For such as these will the end-time be welcomed,

                            will the end-time be understood,

                            will the end-time be seen as the choke-point to the multitudes.

The end-time supplicant of God with commitment embedded in his heart,

                                                                                 embedded in his tongue,

                                                                                 embedded in his soul:

                                                    carries his assuredness of entry to his destiny –

                                                                                                       as he has so persevered.”


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