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The Aberrations of Man (18.9.13)

“There are many aberrations in the life of man,

                  many aberrations which are undesirable,

                  many aberrations witnessing the need for correction,

                                                witnessing the lack of thought,

                                                witnessing the power of the peer group,

                                                witnessing mixed-up ethics as each proclaims his own,

                                                witnessing the lack of morals born of agnosticism in they who say they do not know,

                                                witnessing gender issues of the day which result in marriages in nothing but the name,

                                                witnessing the whispers of the killing for payment on the abortion tables of despair –

                                   where the surplus eyes of man are not permitted –

                                   where the acts are still seen by God together with His angels of the testimony.

The aberrations of man wield the sword of accountability over the heads of those whose silence confirms consent,

                                                                                                          whose silence denies dissent,

                                                                                                          whose silence is recorded in the present.

         The silence of man,

                in harbouring a silent spirit and a silent soul,

                    will be to his great detriment at the judgment seat of God before the great white throne.

The aberrations of man are not glossed over by The God of man’s creation,

                                      are not glossed over as if there were no sin,

                                      are not glossed over as if they did not exist.

The aberrations of man are not glossed over until the onset of conditions which beget the fall of grace.

The aberrations of man are not unduly repetitive,

                                      arise from freewill investigations which ignore the spirit’s cry,

                                      should not comprise a habit in the making,

                                      should not see the soul succumb to that which is ultimately rejected.

The aberrations of man have a background of curiosity with wisdom non-existent,

                                      have a background seeking knowledge and experience,

                                      have a background closely watched by the angels when addiction is not on the horizon,

                                      have a background seeking approval of the peer group of the season.

The aberrations of man speak of the entertainment of man:

                                  of the facilities inviting man to play the many games of chance where the wealth of man is staked;

                                  of the publicans,

                                      the resellers,

                                      the barns of bulk supply,

                                                              being the enablers of the party –

                                                                      at the public houses,

                                                                      at the private houses,

                                                                      at the scenes of secrecy –

                                                                                                 where alcohol is the menu;

                                  of the captains of industry producing leaf weeds packaged to invite their smoking as they rest upon the lips;

                                  of the tattoo parlours that disfigure the body of man imaged in the likeness of God –

                                                                                                      that designed to become a temple of The Holy Spirit –

                                                                                                      that testifying to the threefold acceptance of man.

The aberrations of man are as notches on a stick marking the progress of a life,

                                      are as a diary kept in secret of where the body chose to delve,

                                      are as washing on the line where the taint of yesterday still lingers in the sunlight.

The aberrations of man should be perceived for what they are,

                                      should be perceived as urges not to be encouraged,

                                      should be perceived as best forsaken and amended before detriment is installed,

                                      should be perceived for correction with the spirit fully put in charge with oversight of the soul,

                                      should be perceived when functioning as a witness –

                                                                       when silence is not an option open to adoption.

The aberrations of man should not repeat on man within a cycle,

                                      should not become installed as a way of life,

                                      should not settle in as a seat of comfort.

   Man should not nurture an aberrant soul which impacts on his welfare and standing before God.”


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