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No Idols on The Earth - Edict 2 (13.11.12)

“Edict Two from The Heavens unto The Earth.

There shall be neither engraved nor inscribed images of idols on The Earth of God.

Man shall take great care not to convert either his activities or his possessions into idols within his life –

                                                                                 those which superimpose their being over the presence of his God,

                                                                                 those which are named by Satan,

                                                                                 those which lead to the entrapment of man,

                                                                                 those which carry unforgivingness into the heart of man,

                                                                                 those which carry lies born of deceit onto the tongue of man,

                                                                                 those which carry depravity to the forefront of the soul of man.

Man shall not bow;

        shall not kneel;

        shall not prostrate himself;

        shall not in any way acknowledge the presence of the foe of man:

              unless to contribute to the fall of all the paraphernalia of the incumbent demons and their prince of darkness;

                                               to the fall from all the instated places from which such would presently choose to exercise control
                                                                                                                     over their dominions until bound for handing over.

Man shall not carry tokens collected on his travels with unknown writings applied,

                                                                         with unknown utterances pronounced as wish fulfilments of ‘good luck’,

                                                         from places found abroad back into their homes to rest:

                                                                      when understanding is not present or with a curse remaining active and still unbound.


       occult practices,

              ‘readings’ of all descriptions,

                     shall not be found within My bride prepared.

The horrors and the nightmares of man shall not be passed off as the art of man accompanied by My Spirit.

Man’s intentional inhumanity to man –

                                        in all its carnage,

                                        in all its violence,

                                        in all its torture,

                                        in all its spilling of the blood of man:

                                                                    shall not be seen as within the gamut of the field of mercy.

Man’s intentional inhumanity to man shall be reaped,

                                                to be thrust upon him as if caught in a backfire:

                                                                   precisely as the sower sowed his deeds upon another soul.

Man’s intentional inhumanity to man shall be judged as if the deeds of Satan:

                                                through an accomplice who is willingly subverted within his own freewill.

Man’s intentional inhumanity to man shall be adjudged to bear like for like before The Great White Throne of God.

The Great White Throne of God is awe inspiring,

                                                     is a structure fitting for the seating of God,

                                                     is the seat of power and majesty before the presence of the multitudes deemed accountable for
                                                                                                                                                              the activities within each life.

The Great White Throne of God is the judgment seat before which Satan will stand in his own due season.

The Great White Throne of God is the judgment seat before which the false prophets will stand in their own due seasons –

                                                                                                            those whom I have never known – 

                                                                                                            those whom professed knowledge of Me:

                                                                                                                                       of which they never had;

                                                                                                                                       of which I never spoke;

                                                                                                                                       of which was never authorized.

The Great White Throne of God has mobility in its disposition,

                                                     has attendants for its functioning,

                                                     has great presence for resolving the affairs of God as they impact on His creation.”


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