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Honour Your Family Members - Edict 5 (16.11.12)

Honour your parents;

honour your grand parents;

honour your siblings,

honour your children,

honour your grand children,

honour your in-laws:

                             that all may be well within your family –

                                            both within the bounds of time and within the bounds of eternity.

For if man cannot love his family whom he knows,

                             how then can he love the wider family of God?

So as it is written under My final sacrifice so that shall be done by man:

                                            to love one another as I have loved you,

                                            to treat one another as you would be treated,

                                            to honour the worth and value of man’s fellow man.

So it is required of man to forgive and not to keep account,

                                       to overcome and not to avenge,

                                       to build and not to tear down,

                                       to guide and not to ignore,

                                       to establish and to proclaim:

                  the relationships due the honouring of man among the family of man;

                  the relationships due the honouring of man among the family of God.

For love casts out all which hinders man:

                                  brings righteousness with peace,

                                  brings growth with development,

                                  brings security of tenure to all within the family,

               casts a canopy of protection over each who loves.

For love banishes evil intent from the soul of man –

                                                       as love grows and spreads;

               banishes the need of imprisoning with locks –

                                                       as truth and trust in God replaces the fear and the dread of man.

For love is the final polisher and the buffer of the soul of man –

                                                       as love conquers all.

For love addresses strangers to become as neighbours and as friends,

                                                    as brothers and as sisters,

                                                   under the citizenship of the reign of God.

For love shall be necessary in order to dwell within the kingdom of God upon the earth. 

For love shall be seen upon the earth of God –

                                                   as the days of My bride are no longer numbered in time,

                                                   as the days of My bride are extended in fulfilment on the earth in the presence of The Living God.

For love shall be seen as the very essence of God –

                                                             and of man within His likeness.”


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