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The Pride of The Lion of Judah - Edict 6 (17.11.12)

“Edict Six from The Heavens unto The Earth.

My people in the land of Israel have become blinded by the law:

                                                                                  keep it as they see fit,

                                                                                  ignore it when their comfort is disturbed,

                                                                                   hide behind it as the instructions of their God.

Wise are My people who through the centuries have been able to perceive by My Spirit the coming of The Messiah whom they
                                                                                                                                                                      still seek.

The Messiah who brought grace,

                      who brought forgiveness,

                      who brought love for those deemed to be enemies,

                      who included salvation for the gentiles of the earth,

                      who brought good news to all who would commit in faith with righteousness,

                      who would prepare to become the bride of The Living Christ,

                      who would now await the advent of their risen King.

The Messiah who came and went according to My people’s will:

                                                                           My people who did not wish to serve,

                                                                           My people bound by pride,

                                                                           My people governed by the blind,

                                                                           My people who made their choice.

So My people wait and wait and wait for the line of David:

                                                      for He who was once before their eyes,

                                               for He who was once within the earshot of their lives,

                                       for He who once died upon the cross for all their lives,

                                for He who once rose and witnessed of His being in their lives,

                        for He who once instated grace above the law before their lives,

                for He who once reconciled the birth of the freewill of man with the love of God unto The Loving God and within their

So My people shall bow in holy fear in the acceptance of their Messiah,

                                                                            their Saviour,

                                                                            their Christ whom they once spurned.

So My people shall confess their allegiance to their returning King.

So My people shall abide either in grace or in mercy under law –

                                 as to when their eyes are opened so their spirits and their souls receive the truth.

                                 The greater of these being grace as it lies within the field of faith –

                                                                                          so carrying its own reward unto My people.

So My people in their land of Israel shall be co-joined with the gentiles as My bride-in-waiting –

                                 within the new covenant of grace soon closing;

                         or left –

                                 to plead their justification under law before the mercy bema.”


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