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The Comfort of The Lord (3) (17.3.16)

“The comfort of The Lord rests within My garden,

                                           rests with fellowship and trust,

                                           rests with significance and worth.

The comfort of The Lord speaks to My companionship:

                                                                       with those I know who committed to the values which I taught,

                                                                       with those I know who lived in faith,

                                                                       with those I know who perceived the truth of the Apostles,

                                                                       with those I know who died to self for their beliefs,

                                                                       with those I know who persevered until each grave was filled.

The comfort of The Lord speaks with those within whom My Spirit was made welcome,

                                                                       within whom the fire of My Spirit burnt brightly without faltering,

                                                                        within whom My call to servanthood was obeyed without delay.

The comfort of The Lord speaks with such as these on matters arising for discussion,

                                                                                   on histories vividly recounted,

                                                                                   on divine appointments long kept but not forgotten,

                                                                                   on ministries as encountered in reality with the assistance of My
                                                                                                                                                                        guiding counsel,

                                                                                   on ministries dependent on My answering of prayers.

The comfort of The Lord is at home with My people whom I love,

                                                           with My sheep for whom I died,

                                                           with My Praisers and My Worshippers bringing glory to My Name—

                                                                                                                                     so I may so bring glory to The Father.

The comfort of The Lord reaches out to embrace the new arrivals,

                                         listens attentively to all such would impart,

                                 encourages them to be at home within the being of surroundings—

                                                                                                    yet to transition from the strange to the familiar.

The comfort of The Lord sees the Apostles up and serving,

                                         sees the angels busy with their ministering,

                                         sees the Comforters in action,

                                         sees the inheritance of My disciples becoming evident within the various fields of jurisdiction,

                                         sees The Gowns of Life embellished 

                                                                               as deserved,

                                         sees the New Names established as the White Stones are carried carefully to and fro,

                                         sees the Garlands placed with care on the Victors’ Heads—

                                                                                                those who were honoured in the running of their race.

The comfort of The Lord knows the presence of My Spirit,

                                         knows the presence of The Father,

                                         knows all which comprise The Edifice 

                                                                                 of Heaven.

The comfort of The Lord soothes and pacifies all I know who were subjected to violence which terminated in the immediacy
                                                                                                                                                                                            of death,

                                                                          all I know who were tortured unto death with angels leading them to Heaven,

                                                                          all I know who were martyred unto glory for My Name without wilting in
                                                                                                                                                                                         their faith.

The comfort of The Lord welcomes the presence of the saved of God:

                                          welcomes those who qualified during the tribulation;

                                          welcomes those who called on The Website of The Lord;

                                          welcomes those who were instated through The Psalms of God;

                                          welcomes those who accepted grace with a contrite heart;

                                          welcomes those who responded to the call of God within the fields—

                                                                                                                     so visited by God within My servants;

                                          welcomes those who confessed their love of The Living Loving God.

The comfort of The Lord is neither shallow nor withdrawn,

                                         is deep and understanding,

                                         is laced both with mercy and with justice,

                                         is administered between the twins of righteousness with truth.

The comfort of The Lord is secure in the destiny of choice,

                                         honours all who are enabled to enter through the gate,

                                         honours all who have an entry in The Lamb’s Book of Life.

The comfort of The Lord welcomes My returning citizens as adoptees into the family of God,

                                                                                                                 into the Kingdom of The King of kings,

                                                                                                                 into the inheritance of the cross as promised and upheld.”


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