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The Swan of Regality (17.3.16)

“The swan of regality sets the stage as her platform of presentation,

                                                                   of a queenly stance upon the water,

                                                                   of both preened and aligned with care.

The swan of regality watches,


                                   repositions herself with dominance and grace,

                                   moves in style and splendour worthy of the scene.

The swan of regality is dressed in white,

                                  knows her cousin garbed in black with a beak still dashed with red.

The swan of regality is ready for inspection,

                                  is ready for her photograph,

                                  is ready to highlight life upon a pond.

The swan of regality is used as an example,

                                  has all her curves in place,

                                  has nothing out of place to form a basis of distraction.

The swan of regality is equipped for her environment,

                                  can feed where others cannot,

                                  can feed in deeper waters where the short necks go elsewhere,

                                  can feed without a threat from poachers,

                                  can feed at her leisure with a minimum of fuss,

                                  can feed where her preference is not grazed by others,

                                  can feed until her appetite is sated by her fare.

The swan of regality cruises slowly past,

                                  is not in a hurry to complete her journey,

                                  has time to consider all which venture in her path,

                                  will peck to scatter the intruders who come within her zone of influence.

The swan of regality is assessed by her appearance and her ‘looks’,

                                  is the appropriate colour as favoured by the righteous,

                                  has a history of being admired by man,

                                  has a history of being prized upon a lake.

The swan of regality can easily wear a crown,

                                  is commemorated by man as ‘an ugly duckling’,

                                  has a future where it is selectively protected by man.

The swan of regality is visited by children equipped with bags of bread,

                                  equipped with time and willingness to feed,

                                  equipped with manifestations of delight as the swan responds.

The swan of regality raises her cygnets with great care,

                                  raises her cygnets near the water,

                                  raises her cygnets to pay attention,

                                                                to be wary of the dangers encountered:

                                                                                                           whether in childhood,

                                                                                                           or in the responsibilities of adulthood—

                                                                                                                                                          which maturity imposes.

The swan of regality has feet designed for travelling in the water,

                                  has wings designed for travelling through the air,

                                  has a beak designed for shovelling entrapments—

                                                                            within the venue where the food is found.

The swan of regality is not known for its chattering,

                                  is not known for excessive friendliness,

                                  is not known for seeking the company of man.

The swan of regality has a reserve of fear close to the surface of behaviour,

                                  has caution as its catchphrase where relationships are sought,

                                  has monogamy of bonding throughout the times of rearing.

The swan of regality is not antagonistic,

                                  is not unduly protective of its territory,

                                  is not prone to attack except when on a nest,

                                                                     except when with cygnets trailing along behind,

                                                                     except when threatened by the predators of which they are aware.”


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