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The Terror of The Seas (8.3.16)

“The terror of the seas is present in My gardens of example,

                                     is present in the seas of man’s mortality,

                                     is present in the fears of man,

                                     is present when outside the ability to control,

                                     is present when man resorts to weapons which result in death.

The terror of the seas is mostly one of imagination,

                                                         of the unknown and imperilled,

                                                         of the stupid and at risk. 

The terror of the seas is a mixture of both silence born with speed,

                                                       of both size and frenzy,

                                                       of both the horror laid before the eyes in quest of wealth and the images of teeth built to catch the prey.

The terror of the seas has to eat to live,

                                   has its niche wherein it feeds,

                                   keeps the shoals clean and tidy where stragglers do not long survive.

The terror of the seas is the survivor from a time of vulnerability where smallness was an invitation to a meal,

                                                                                        where smallness sought protection,

                                                                                        where smallness needed mothering,

                                                                                        where smallness beat the odds and grew into a monstrous size.

The terror of the seas is not afraid of that which is encountered,

                                   will maul and leave in tatters if taste is not to liking,

                                                                                  if texture as such was previously unencountered,

                                                                                  if the presence as such arises unexpectedly yet justifies a snap in passing.

The terror of the seas vibrates and skirmishes,

                                   approaches and retreats,

                                   passes and returns.

The terror of the seas is thinking of its mouth when on patrol in its domain.

The terror of the seas visits repeatedly where its mouth is filled without much effort.

The terror of the seas does not rest when nourishment is plentiful until appetite is sated.

The terror of the seas is sensitive to blood within its path,

                                   has the source located accurately,

                                   notes the issue of an invitation accepted for partaking,

                                   awaits the joining of the throngs so mayhem may commence.

The terror of the seas circles in assessment,

                                   awaits an opportunity judged as free from threat,

                                   plunges to attack,

                                   seizes what protrudes,

                                   tries to shear it free, lingers for remains.

The terror of the seas is a repository of instinct,

                                   is a recaller of success and failure,

                                   evaluates a food source on what has gone before.

The terror of the seas crosses boundaries unaware,

                                   crosses rivers flowing underneath,

                                   crosses ribbons of food both plentiful and cheap,

                                   crosses others with similar motivations,

                                   crosses to the breeding grounds where warmth bespeaks of shallowness,

                                                                       where shallowness bespeaks of safety,

                                                                       where safety bespeaks of food chains aplenty among the waving fronds,

                                                                       where waving fronds bespeak of masking and protection when it is most needed.

The terror of the seas is an apex predator,

                                   is powerful and able,

                                   is at home within its environment,

                                   is in need of food to sustain its body weight and drive,

                                   is there to curb the deformed,

                                                            the sick,

                                                            the elderly,

                                                            the strays,

                                                            the injured,

                                                            the exposed –

                                               those who have lost the protection of the masses and were discovered when alone.

The terror of the seas vanquishes and vanishes,

                         mauls and mutilates,

                         seeks and searches.

The terror of the seas comes and goes upon a quest,

                         grows and develops with each day,

                         knows immunity from attack because of size.

The terror of the seas is not a plaything in a bath,

                         is not a plaything found at sea,

                         is not a plaything to be trapped,

                         is not a plaything where numbers may lead to thoughts of safety,

                                             where each circles with much patience to await the brash and immature.

The terror of the seas is to be respected for its position,

                                            not to be teased or encouraged by those thought safe within a boat.”


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