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The Variations in The Sea Level (9.3.16)

“Variations in the sea level should be of concern to man,

                                            are of concern to God,

                                            are of concern to all who watch and wait.

Variations in the sea level have gone beyond the control of man,

                                          are the result of man’s pumping of his dirt into the air which he must breathe,

                                                                of his contaminating that which should be pure,

                                                                of his dirty washings left to dissipate in the air,

                                                                of the exhausting of his engines,

                                                                of the belching of his smoke stacks,

                                                                of the deforestation where there is no replenishment,

                                                                                        where none do stand as proxy,

                                                                                        where there is no funding of regeneration to keep a silent vigil so
                                                                                                                                                               stability is retained.

Variations in the sea level measure the rubbish thrown away by man on a daily basis:

                                                                            with which the cleaning lady can no longer cope –

                                                                                                as her cloths and dust bins are removed from her jurisdiction,

                                                                                                                              with cloths too dirty to absorb,

                                                                                                                              with lids removed and blown away.

Variations in the sea level sees lands removed of mass which weighs them down,

                                           sees water encountering recirculation after centuries of rest,

                                           sees land now under threat of reclamation by the seas,

                                           sees man to be forced to flee where imprudence placed a home –

                                                                                          where the sea can reach only to dismantle.

Variations in the sea level are not a blessing to man,

                                          are a reaping of his harvest of neglect,

                                          are a reaping of his carelessness in stewardship,

                                          are a reaping of not accepting responsibility –

                                                                            when the patterning cried out for attention,

                                          are a reaping of unwillingness to act –

                                                                                           to set a house in order,

                                          are a reaping of the blaming of others who also fail to act –

                                                                                                                   to condemn another,

                                          are a reaping of the harvest which is prepared and ready,

                                                                                       which will be painful and prolonged,

                                                                                       which will no longer be delayed.

Variations in the sea level are the responsibility of all those: 

                                               who sought and are instated as leaders of the nations;

                                               who have accountability for the plundering with the burning,

                                                                                             the utter lack of care,

                                                                                             the extinction of the mantle on vast areas of Earth,

                                                                                             the draining of the lakes and rivers which threaten –

                                                                                     both dependent life and related habitations,

                                                                                             the destruction of the water resources where most is dissipated in
                                                                                                                     the morning mists –

                                                                                                                       which are no longer to be seen by man,

                                                                                             the mining and emissions from the smokestacks –

                                                                                             where scrubbers are not installed as polishers of all which seek escape.

Variations in the sea level are composed of snow storms of the past,

                                          are built upon a rise in temperature where ice cannot survive,

                                          are calling to the vigilant to prepare for the inrush of the waters,

                                                                                                          the invasions becoming common,

                                                                                                          the ineffectiveness of barriers,

                                                                                                           the unwillingness of man to submit to lowering projections
                                                                                                                                                            for the future –

                                                                                         prior to the onset of disasters where ‘relief’ can no longer meet demand.

Variations in the sea level will bring forth the arguments of diplomacy:

                                                                 of the threats of wars both civil and as clashes across the borders installed by man,

                                                                 of refugees who are forced to flee yet with no land set aside,

                                                                 of the disowned and the despairing who know not what to do –

                                                                                                  with but a billycan for each to bail.

Variations in the sea level is a disaster facing multitudes in the cities of The Earth –

                                                                       where the shoreline marks a threat which will not go away.

Variations in the sea level will attack the roads and the engineerings of man –

                                                            the wharves and the jetties,

                                                            the harbours and the bridges,

                                                            the concentrations of man:

                                                                                 who sought the presence of the sea –

                                                                                                     soon to be no longer seen where advances result in full retreat.

Variations in the sea level call for attention to the details,

                                                       attention to the handling of relocations,

                                                       attention to the preservation of life known to be under threat,

                                                       attention to ensuring the preservation of livelihoods about to change,

                                                                                   about to need assistance,

                                                                                   about to need the funding necessary to comply:

                                                                                                                         with safety from invasion;

                                                                                                                         with removal beyond the threat;

                                                                                                                         with the answering of the questions –

                                                                                                                             ‘to where’ and ‘when’ and ‘how’.

Variations in the sea level are known by the God of Heaven and the Earth with all which is implied:

                                                                                                       as the changes wrought by man impact on the Earth.

Variations in the sea level are a warning to man:

                                                    to assist all those so afflicted –

                                                                       in doing unto others that which they are unable to do for themselves –

                                                                to move into a new beginning necessitated by circumstances not of their own making.”


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