Book 3 'God Speaks as His Spirit Empowers'


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Reviewer: AJE  
10th Feb 2013              *****

HavingBk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpi read other books in Anthony Eddy's "God Speaks" series, I was unpleasantly disappointed by "God Speaks by His Spirit To The Coming Storm". This book contains much of the same lyrical, non-rhyming poetry as other books in the series, but is also interspersed with snippets of Biblical scripture and poems that are fictionally presented as "divine commentary" from the Lord on said scripture. While the presentation of original poetry as divine inspiration is clever and kitschy, I find this "commentary", an attempt to actually speak in the Lord's voice, to be blasphemous.
On the plus side, Eddy's writings in this book are as pleasant to read as ever, containing much of the same lyrical repetition as other books in the series. I feel bad, because while I love Eddy's writing and think he has great potential, I cannot recommend this particular book. However, rest assured that future books in the series are much better, and steer away from this "divine commentary" gimmick.

Rating                                      2 / 5
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Reviewer: DN
7th Apr 2013              *****

Bk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpiI love Eddy's style of writing. I love the poetry effect it has, almost lulling us into reading it. It describes Christian things in a relaxing way, as opposed to many books that are very "in your face". However, after reading the rest in the series, I have to say that he sometimes goes overboard with it. I don't know how to do the format he uses, and as I've said before, it must be very hard to stay in that format.
This particular book has a lot of ellipses. They can be used effectively but here they are OVERused, basically in every sentence. At first they have a nice effect, but after a while it gets boring to see them over an over again, and quite annoying. I feel like I'm being slowed from reading the things Eddy has written by those ellipses.
Again, there are a lot of words the average person won't understand. At times I found myself totally not understanding what was going on. It feels like the author is droning on and on.
It's true that the other books in the series are much better than this one. I don't know if I think this because I've read them and I'm getting tired of the format, or if this book just isn't written as well. Maybe Eddy himself is getting tired.
One thing to keep though, is the beautiful format. It's your own style and whatever you change, keep the poetry aspect of it. That's what makes it different to other books.

Rating                                      3 / 5
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Reviewer: RM
21st May 2013              *****

Mr. Eddy's bBk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpiook was ... interesting to say the least. I'm still not quite sure what his purpose was in writing it. From his biography, he's obviously been refining his own views on faith and scripture for many years. I'm not quite sure if he's found what he's looking for yet, but he definitely knows his stuff.
I'll say at the outset that I am NOT a religious person, in terms of organized religion. I think it's been the bane of society for far too many centuries, and has little if no place in a modern world. I do however consider myself a spiritual person, and spirituality is a personal think. One needs not to be told right and wrong by some large musty book; I think most folks innately know the difference and their own yens to be part of cliques and to have more out of life determine how they utilize that knowledge. But I can look at most things with an open mind, which is why I picked this book.
God Speaks by His Spirit comes off as a repetitive bible lesson; almost every entry in the first third of the book is a statement repeat ad naseum with numerous points made after each statement, like a humorless Top Ten List. Many of the points made are valid statements of faith, and many are common sense "golden" rules that anyone should live their life by, bible-thumper or not. The problem is the length of each bit, as they get a bit droll and monotonous. And unfortunately there are many points that don't belong in modern society - several of these chapters come off as both misogynist (at least beyond the point of women bearing children and obeying men) and isolationist.
Mr. Eddy uses the last two-thirds of the book to examine the Book of Ezekiel, providing "Divine Commentary" for many of the verses. I can see why he picked this part of the Bible for this work, since Ezekiel's visions cover both the dawn of the principles that would become Christianity, all the way to the final days, as noted in the Book of Revelation. It's an interesting read, I will say that.
The repetitiveness of the format that Mr. Eddy chose is the books undoing; it becomes less inspiring and more tiresome. I would've compared this to works like the Baghvad Gita or the Norse eddas, but unfortunately those works both get their point across and are interesting to read. This is informative, but in a Sunday School or Vacation Bible School manner. The layout of the book lends toward that interpretation, as the spacing and determination of the lines (in the pseudo-outline layout most of the book is in) makes it often annoying to follow.
I rated this book three stars, which would average out on Amazon or Goodreads between "It's Okay" and "I Liked it". To paraphrase Jessica Rabbit, it wasn't a bad book; it was just formatted that way.

Rating                                      3 / 5
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Reviewer: SS
30th May 2013               *****

This is thBk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpie third book I've read in God Speaks ... series. I must say I already love Mr. Anthony Eddy's style of writing. The lyrical poetry and God's words give you a feel of The Holy Bible. For a staunch believer like me, the book is a feast. I've read it, and re read it. And I love it. Though there are no characters, or plots whatsoever, the book still feels very good because it appeals to that God Fearing part in you. The format of Mr. Anthony Eddy's books is what makes them so special. It describes Christian things in a very lulling way. You don't feel burdened by religion.
The good things being said, I felt that the vocabulary is a bit too intense, keeping in mind the audience who usually reads this genre in books. At times I just couldn't understand what was going on. And picking up a dictionary in the middle of reads such as Mr. Anthony Eddy's God Speaks by His Spirit to the Coming Storm seems like a chore. So, in my view, the intensity of words should be mellowed down.
Secondly, at some points, the message gets very repetitive, which might make some people lose interest. Variety is the spine of any book. Mr. Anthony Eddy should keep that in mind.
Third, and most important, the book is certainly a no no for a non believer. Or for that matter, even a not so strong believer, too, I would not recommend the book.

Rating                                      2 / 5
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Reviewer: SB
11th Jun 2013                *****

This is, Bk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpias we say in the United Kingdom, a 'marmite' book; meaning that you will love it or hate it. But I think those that hate it might just not understand it and miss out on its message.
I found the prose to be beautiful, and the messages in this book full of wisdom. If you are not a religious person, but a spiritual one, then you might appreciate this book in the same way that I did.
This is for quite a specific audience. I would recommend this book for a reader who enjoys poetry/prose and who also is religious or spiritual. I am not religious but am spiritual, so could appreciate this book with some open-minded ness. My main point of critique is that I feel if the name God had been used less, then the tone of the book may have felt more welcoming and inclusive. Reading this book did remind me a little of a sermon in church.
But with that being said I really did find statements in these prose that spoke to me a great deal. It is clear that a lot of love and attention went into this writing, that doesn't go unnoticed. My favourite chapters were 'The Aggravation of The Soul' and 'The Absence of God'. The messages in these chapters particularly could be applied to everyday life, regardless of belief in a God or not. Not being religious, I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did.
Very pleasantly surprising and very thought provoking.

Rating                                      4 / 5
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How much would you pay?     $US4.99

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Reviewer: JF
8th Aug 2013           *****

Bk3 Frntcover without bleed 112x173 200dpiThis is my second book that I have read by author Anthony Eddy. As with his first book this current book focuses on poems that are meant as conversations for the entire earth to hear. The book speaks on the coming storm for all of mankind. When I read the section on blessings of the faithful I felt these poems do relate to the theory of what I believe the world feels in regards to blessings and their effects upon us. From further reading this section I do understand a little more why we should be thankful for blessings. I feel author Eddy leaves no stone unturned in this recent book about God and his purpose for mankind in his message of the coming storm.
As in the first book I read from Mr. Eddy there are tons of repetition of poems and the words are constantly repeated. I believe the repetition is used to relate and focus on a clearer meaning of the poems and their messages. Since we all don't grasp the meaning of things at the same level I feel repetition is a good way for a person to keep reading until they can grasp the meaning of the message. I found the section on the soul interesting. The book outlines in great detail what the author feels the coming storm is meant and how it relates to God and all of mankind.
There's a section dedicated to both men and women, how they relate to God and his purposes for and about them. There's even mention on subjects such as: The innocent, righteousness, grace and mercy, speaking in tongues, Satan, and a whole lot of other subjects. Basically, something for everyone. The last chapter of the book is dedicated to the prophet Ezekiel. I found the coming storm poems very interesting and informative.

Rating                                      4 / 5
Would you buy this book?       Yes
How much would you pay?     $US7.99

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