Book 6 'God Speaks to His Bridal Presence'


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 (326 pages, USA Edition, June 2017)

Reviewer: AJE  
10th Feb 2013          *****

Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiYet another masterpiece in Anthony Eddy's "God Speaks..." series, "God Speaks to His Bridal Presence" is a collection of 115 religious poems that speak directly to the soul of a true believer. Like his other works, this book is presented in the format of Eddy's fictional avatar, a prophet, receiving missives from the Lord and recording them to spread to the world. My one complaint is that this fictional wrapping must be intuited from the text and is not explicitly shown, but any savvy reader will have no trouble deducing it.
In the vein of his other works, "God Speaks to His Bridal Presence" carries a theme of fallen humanity's redemption from its sins via its trust in the Lord, and God's reciprocal love for and protection of His flock, us, His children. Frequently Eddy speaks of how Satan and his minions will be vanquished, bringing God's children into the light. Truly a must-have for any religious lover of lyrical prose.

Rating         4 / 5
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Review: AJ  
19th Mar 2013          *****

Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiI am giving a three star for this book. The book was very good but hard to understand. A commentary from the author is needed to understand it in the first go.
The author has taken a good effort for the book but he has failed to mention to whom he is writing for. He has written it from the view of would-be bride of the lamb of god. The poetic style is splendid but as i said earlier it is very difficult to understand but once we understand we would know the beauty of the message he has delivered.
Through out the book i didn't find any mistakes and usage of words is marvelous. He has mentioned many creatures both living and nonliving in the book and have explained through them few messages.
The positive thing in this book is the message that he has decided to deliver, which if i say, will lessen up the courage to read. 
The only negative which i found is the understanding the matter.
May be, if he wishes to change something in the book he could change the tough language into a simpler one. There is no Characters and feels us bored.
I would pay $3.99 for this manuscript if published as an ebook. i will recommend this book to my friends. I don't think this book can have a sequel, if it has i will read it and will pay the same $3.99 as i bought few books at this rate.

Rating         3 / 5
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Review: DN
7th Mar 2013          *****

Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiThe poetry like format in this books makes it look much more appealing to people who are tired of reading massive brick-like books, which is a common attribute to religious books. If I were to go into a library or book store and get given two books -- one in this format and one in the 'normal' format -- I would definitely pick the one in this format, for it is much easier to digest.
However, like some have mentioned, the repetitiveness can get a bit, well, repetitive. It can be tiring to read a chapter which is basically the same thing throughout with a word change at the end of each sentence.
There are a lot of metaphors in this series, which do help to visualize God and the things Eddy is talking about in a quite pretty, and sometimes, if he's describing something horrific, a haunting way.
But there are also SO many words which the average person does not understand. This will either force that person to look the words up or to simply put it down. The majority might look it up but due to the constant use of these difficult words, they will eventually put it down. All I'm saying it maybe add in a few more common words.
Eddy does seem to understand Christianity well to have written a book about it, and even a series of books. They are much better than the common books in my opinion, but that may just be me and my way of not liking very long books!
Overall, absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes. You just need to think about what I have mentioned and maybe change a few things around.
Good luck!

Rating         3 / 5
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Review: SGS
21st May 2013              *****

Bk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiGod Speaks to His Bridal Presence by Anthony A. Eddy is a very interesting book; it’s almost like the Bible. You may call it the author’s version of The Bible. It is the best so far in the “God Speaks…” series by the author. The poetry like format in these books is the most appealing factor. It is, however, appealing to only those of us who are very strong believers. Most of the people don’t have enough patience to sit through the book or the depth of philosophy to understand it. The writer is professing his beliefs through the book, hence, readers form a narrow group, so I’ll have to be watchful while recommending it, since you can’t tell everyone to go and check it out. The format is unique, and content is inspiring. It gives you superb insights, a new way to see things.
For a person who is religious, the book is awesome. But for a non believer or a not so strong believer, the book holds low charms. The book is almost a self help, and an inspiration, but from a religious standpoint.
 I am giving a three star for this book. The message is very clear, and is inspiring, too. The book was very good but hard to understand. A commentary from the author is needed to understand it in the first go. But all in all, the book is a fine one and I’ll definitely recommend it to my strongly religious group of friends. I’m sure they’ll love it.

Rating         3 / 5
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Review: JD
10th Jun 2013               *****

I have revBk 6frontcover 112x173 260dpiiewed another title by the same author before. Just as it was with the last one, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed that poetry style of “God Speaks to His Bridal Presence” In my own opinion, it just provides such an easy to read platform compared to the block style of writing. It is easy to follow and you won’t lose your spot.
What can I say about this book? Well as you can see by the title, it is exceedingly spiritual. It is not for someone who isn’t comfortable with their own spirituality and would thus be offended by the beliefs outlined herein. The message it contains however, is inspirational and wise, yet some might feel overwhelmed by the motivation it gives especially if one isn’t used to reading spiritual books such as these. It makes for very deep readings.
It took me a couple days to finish reading it, and I read for hours and hours on a single day, and just as it was with the last book I read by the same author, it would be better for the reader to split it up into daily readings rather than just one or a few sittings.
I admit, there are a few words that I had to google because I didn’t know what they meant lol. But once you know the basic meaning it eventually makes sense.
Overall I consider this book a success, and is a must read for anyone who feels as strongly about their spirituality as the author does.

Rating         4 / 5
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