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Scribal Note:
These reviews are presently out of date in so far as they only refer to the 1st New Zealand Edition of limited size and considerable repetition and replaced with the 2nd edition - all 9 having reformatted layouts with much less repetition and with Books 4-7 being materially increased in size.
e.g. The largest change was with Book 7 increasing from 108 pp with 50 items to 514pp with 210 items.

Reviewer: AJE  
10th Feb 2013          *****

“God SpeakBook 7 Frntcov 112x173 300dpis to His Edifice" is a remarkable collection of poetry centered around the theme of religion, reverence, and redemption. Presented under the pretense of God's revelations to a prophet, the fictional avatar of the author Anthony Eddy, this collection of fifty poems is the seventh in a series of inspirational spiritual literature.
This book is a must have for any dedicated believer who needs a bit of uplift to their day. Through rhymeless stanza, Eddy brings to life the kingdom of the Lord in an easy-to-read, accessible format for the everyday Christian.
The primary problem with the narrative, however, is the lack of clarification that this book is a work of fiction. The poetry itself is solid from a Christian viewpoint, but the brief interludes explaining that Eddy himself received a divine message from the Lord are not properly explained to be fiction. However, that much is easily deduced by the clever reader, and as a whole the work stands up on its own. I would gladly purchase it if given the chance, and would recommend it to any believing friend or family member.

Rating         4 / 5
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Review: EW  
16th Mar 2013          *****

As a pasBook 7 Frntcov 112x173 300dpitor, I have found this book both informative and useful. The layout provides easy and quick reference when using for sermon notes and as an excellent review. God Speaks is also a good book for all from beginning to senior in religious studies and as a companion to the Bible.
I rated the book 5 out of 5 because of the ease in reading. Nothing confusing to mislead or redirect the reader. I will be adding it to my library as part of my religious studies. Mr. Eddy did a good job with keeping the book in line with the title. All through the book it is easy to see how God speak as his presence. Mr. Eddy did a fine job writing the book. I particularly like the layout in prose form which made reading it even more enjoyable. I did not find any errors with grammar or syntax which also made the book a pleasure to read.
To determine the price of the book, I referenced the many different books I own concerning religion. Most books fall above this price range. I would say anywhere between 9.99 and 14.99 is a fair price for the book.
I would certainly recommend the book to friends and family, especially to those seeking questions about God since the book provides easy to find and easy to understand answers to many questions posed to religious leaders. I would most likely buy the series of these books if there will be any to complete a well rounded library of religious books.

Rating         5 / 5
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Review: DN
3rd Apr 2013           *****

Book 7 Frntcov 112x173 300dpiThis book looked interesting so I decided to download it and see whether it actually had any useful substance. I am a Christian but do not regularly attend church and am not as religious as some people are, so I didn't know 90% of the stuff talked about inside. After finishing this is what I think:
- It looks professionally made. Good job on the layout and format. I didn't notice any mistakes that rookie ebookers make. 
- Easy to navigate. The contents are easy to navigate and with the poetic layout it's pretty easy to read as well. 
- Simple. It's simple in a way that people with no clue about the Bible would understand. Simple words in the poems. 
- There are next to none mistakes in the grammar or spelling. 
- It's short and snappy. Most people are turned away by religious books after they see the length of it -- not with this one.
- There seems to be a lot of repetition. 
- The introduction has some wordy sentences with vocabulary most people will not understand. Maybe religious people will, since they come across them in their religious studies, but normal people, no. 
- Where it says "About the scribe (writer)" -- do not use this. Either write scribe or writer. Brackets make it seem more like a textbook and people can be turned off by that. Everyone knows what a scribe is and what a writer is, so I think that putting just one is sufficient.
Overall, it's okay. I think people who want to understand Christianity more and not read big piles of doorstopper-like-books would appeal to this. I would pay $5 - $8.
Good luck!

Rating         3 / 5
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Review: DT
4th Jun 2013           *****

Book 7 Frntcov 112x173 300dpiI am an agnostic person interested in religion and mythology from an academic point of view more than anything. From that point of view, these books are interesting to read and certainly more accessible than the bible for exploring the mythology of Christianity. Depending on their belief system, someone who is already a believer might potentially be offended by the idea offered in the introduction that the narrator is writing as god dictates.
This is the second book I have read by this author and I’m fairly sure I am reading them out of order. They each seem to have a theme but reading them out of order doesn’t appear to negatively impact my studying experience.
Compared to the other book in this series that I read, this book feels very heavy handed. The early part is focused on rules and laws and justice and things that MUST be done. Perhaps the focus was intended to stay on imparting wisdom and these rules are well meant but the tone of the poems in this book brings out feelings of resentment and rebelliousness in me - things I didn’t have in relation to the other book I read. Those feelings aren’t conducive to academic study. I frequently had to set down my kindle and take a walk or do something else to restore a calm state of mind to continue.
Towards the end there seems to be poems focused on forgiveness and salvation. The tone does soften a bit there but it’s too little, too late in the book. If this was not a paid review, I would have walked away from the book without completing it well before I got to the softer-toned messages. That would have been a mistake because some of the later poems had that same ‘deeper wisdom’ aspect, as the poems in the other book I had read. On the other hand, as the majority of this was not something I'd read again, I would not recommend a purchase of it.

Rating         3 / 5
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