Pave Your Way for Spiritual Growth through Understanding the Messages of The Lord

     Many hundreds of Millions of people believe in The Loving God who is considered as the source of eternal knowledge, love and wisdom. The Christian Faith which has been founded and expanded over centuries by The Lord’s disciples and adherents teaches us to concentrate on our vanquishing sin from our lives and thereby attain purity and righteousness fitting to participate in the bride of Christ. This alone ensures that our faith and actions attract the blessings and the favour of God in enjoying the cup of life filled both to the brim and overflowing. Many many people alive on the earth today now understand the true essence of Christianity as being built on the rock of revelation with both faith and grace in evidence. There is a significant dwindling of numbers of those who would still worship under law where every immutable law requires full and complete obedience to principles long established in the books of religious laws: thereby becoming stumbling blocks before the feet of man in preventing his salvation from ever becoming accomplished either in fact or by deed.

     Since times long past men have sought easy ways to wealth and power, following in turn the false pursuits among the potions of alchemy, the charms and spells of magic and of witches in what seemed to be a never-ending quest for what some believed to be the very elixir of life. These have, in part, contributed to progress in unfolding the mysteries of nature in the seeking of the repository holding the source of the pleasures of life. Indomitable willpower blended with perseverance have led men to make many new discoveries and inventions which empower man with his tools to be supreme among all living creations on the earth. However many mysteries of our universe still remain to be understood such as that of time, of the soul and the spirit of man, and the practical aspects of extensive powers of the mind such as instantaneous thought transference which bridges both space and time.

     However, a lop-sided pursuit of material gains and riches has led to the pursuit of selfishness and its by-products of chaos and anarchy which sprout many undesirable consequences in one’s life. It is more important to have a balance therein between both material and spiritual progress. Spiritual knowledge and learning righteousness bring real peace, prosperity and harmony. When we discover that we are all much loved children of Jesus, The Son of God, with the cords of brotherhood and friendship binding us together with millions of others on this earth, then these new found relationships lead to amazing changes in our lives.

     The Internet has emerged as a vast reservoir of sometimes suspect knowledge and information as it relates to a wide spectrum of religious books and scriptures. There are a whole lot of sites which offer 'divine' knowledge and impart 'spiritual' messages of 'church leaders' from various sects and cults outside Christianity to online visitors. These should best be ignored. You can visit the website ‘The Website of The Lord’ to understand spiritual verses of The Bible and know more about end time revelations as prophesied by The Lord Himself when his Apostles questioned Him about His return. This site has been specially designed in order to serve the messages of The Lord to His people and to the multitudes at large: thereby inspiring, guiding and encouraging all to point their footsteps back into the presence of their Living God. Ref. Jeremiah 1:5 The Bible.


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