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     In the present world of almost daily discoveries of new software, or physical tools, and technology advancing computing power so quickly often obsolescence occurs before these changes become familiar. The Internet interface is a prime example of increasing speed bringing radical changes as to how: we get the knowledge and information, carry out our business, and both play and socialise. The Internet has transformed this world in to a global village and has emerged as the dominant platform for sharing one’s knowledge and experiences. Whether you want to know about any physical object or a social event or gaining either secular or spiritual knowledge, the internet is now usually the first port of call: being where such things can now be found freed from border and time constraints and with the  utmost ease and convenience.

     The knowledge of religion, culture and different faiths and beliefs practised in the world leads to spiritual growth which is very important for the all-round development of a personality. Schools and colleges basically place importance on the knowledge of physical and environmental sciences which lead only to materialistic gains in the workplace. However all this type of knowledge does not necessarily teach us to live our lives in satisfying and meaningful ways - that can only be learnt through spiritual knowledge. A person bereft of spiritual wisdom can not fully appreciate the finer things of human nature and release the wonderful power which lies dormant within his or her spirit. Hence it can safely be concluded that in order to find the true meaning of life and to appreciate the role and importance of real human values, one must use wisdom to gain this spiritual knowledge from both Testaments of The Bible together with reputable Christian literature such as discourses, sermons and commentaries from the long line of Christian influential writings stemming from within the church age: arising from the ministry of Jesus  with The Holy Spirit up to the present day.

     Christianity, and Christianity alone, carries the cross, grace, forgiveness, redemption, reconciliation, salvation, and eternal life: each complete in fullness within it's component teachings. Those who would seek inspiration and gods outside the fold of Christianity never understand what they are forsaking in their disregarding of the truth before them - in preference for the many religiosities of man which know not The Loving God of Heaven and of The Earth and all that dwell thereon.

     If you want to attain spiritual blessings, and experience a more rewarding and fulfilling life with the gifts of The Holy Spirit, then you should study seriously The Bible's teachings and guidance, as initially taught in the Old Testament, and then by Jesus in His time upon the earth. If you want to know more about the prophetic and inspirational messages of The Lord then you can find these at

     This site will help you gain truthful knowledge regarding the essence of Christianity and this newly found knowledge and insights will enable you to bring Christian values to bear upon your life. You can be quite comfortable in recommending this site to your other family members, friends and relatives. The site being quite informative and unique in structure and contents can be where you will find a wealth of knowledge regarding the two destinies of freewill and many divine messages of relevance to today. Besides containing thousands of truth statements the site also facilitates online guests to preview the book 'God Speaks of His Return’ or as the individual messages of God for these end-times which are contained in 176 morsels in 7 categories under the white revolving breathing Star. Likewise the site also assists people to read the ebook ‘God Speaks in His Scrolls’ which lists 165 free scrolls in 11 categories.


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