Bring Peace and Harmony to Your Life with a Full Understanding of The Lord's Messages

     On-going advances in the design knowledge of the latest tools and the accompanying technology – all at a break neck speed – have blessed mankind with materialistic riches which have immensely helped in raising the standard of living – only to experience lives of transient and somewhat fleeting pleasures.  All these benefits, so adored by certain sections of  society, fail to provide man with lasting joy and contentment. These materialistic riches in fact act as an envious mirage which leaves a person stuck in a rut of acquisitions. It is only when the person gains spiritual knowledge that he realises the infinite capacity of the body soul and spirit and the wonderful power of freewill operating in righteousness.

     Tapping dormant talents and focussing one’s energy in the right direction, as per the will of one’s conscience, can help in the obtaining of much needed peace, contentment and harmony in one’s life. However the lack of spiritual knowledge through the absence of any supportive learning structure, which could provide morality based teaching, is producing highly educated future business delinquents who, knowing neither right from wrong, nor even caring to know the difference, are destined to become the derelicts of society, being judged as belonging to the morally bankrupt where ethics are adjusted as opinions change. This underscores the importance of Christian spiritual teachings in business so to bring honesty with taxes, balance in the work flow dealings, supervision of responsibility and accountability as a result of trust; for as in one's life so it will be reflected in one's business activities. When Imparting spiritual and religious faith with understanding from within the home life of their children, parents exhibit great wisdom in fulfilling their critical responsibilities as the role models for their children. For such as these are the whole homes blessed by God as each family member dwells within the favour and the oversight of the Loving God.

     If you have a keen interest or passion to dive deeply into the sea of spiritual wisdom and procure invaluable pearls of knowledge from the depths then there are many varied sites which can help you achieve your purpose. Besides this, the knowledge and guidance which are available on the sites can inspire you to meditate and raise your self awareness level to explore various spiritual truths yourself. If you are a true Christian and you want to serve your Lord Jesus then you should read His teachings in The Bible and follow similar guide lines (e.g. The Golden rule, as summed up, 'of treating others as you, yourself, would like to be treated.') True allegiance to God is to place Him first and foremost in your life, followed by your family, followed by your work or business efforts.

     The Website of The Lord is a uniquely designed site which consists of many hundreds of messages of Jesus brought through the presence of The Holy Spirit. You can find herein The  Lord's messages, without adulteration, for encouraging you to lead an honest, truthful and righteous life as His disciple. The site offers a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and teachings and receives support from a charitable trust where 'all with a heart for others' can donate for philanthropic purposes with annual tax credits, issued in early April each year, for New Zealand based citizens. For more information and services you may prefer to personally visit the site online by clicking on the link


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