Change your Life for the Better through Understanding the Holy Scriptures of The Bible

     Human life is the most precious gift bestowed by God within His creation. Understanding the true meaning of life has been the goal of man throughout all of his recorded history. Men have been filtering this through their own layers of relative knowledge and beliefs based on scientific thinking or on their relative religious beliefs and practices as at any particular point in time. In fact, human beings have been endowed with four intellectual gifts that make them the supreme creatures of creation. These gifts are self-awareness, conscience, imagination and free will. With the use of these four natural gifts of God, a person can easily make or mar his or her future whether physical in the natural or spiritual in the sacred.

     Whatever we do or achieve in life, righteous faith acts as a major support system that underpins the provisioning of God for success within our lives. A person, without righteous faith in his or her abilities simply cannot achieve anything of moral value without sinning. When a simple faith is turned to God then the architect of one’s destiny is again restored back to God. Then The Holy Spirit works within us in releasing major blessings, upon our endeavours in righteousness, such that we are enabled to overcome any number of setbacks and even those which would normally be unsurmountable difficulties.

     Discipleship of The Lord teaches us that we are the adopted sons and daughters of God, having been made in the image of God. This truth simply needs to be unfolded and accepted as a relationship is born, for our mind is already a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom in need of but a focal point to be worshipped in the truth. The means of obtaining Christian salvation is by commitment to following Jesus together with personal repentance from a sin-filled life and to the ensuing gift of grace from The Lord Jesus's acceptance of the sins of all mankind upon the cross. This is unique to Christianity and separates for ever the followers of Jesus from all the other world faiths with their many varied efforts to proclaim what is not theirs to proclaim.

     In the context of a life spent as a disciple of The Lord, with the indwelling Holy Spirit, expression is given to the divine nature of God within the disciple and his quest to become a part of the bride of Christ. A person is cautioned in Biblical Scriptures not to strive in their own strength for their salvation so none can boast of their achievements either before man or before the Throne of Grace. Since the writing of the Jewish scriptures with its monotheisic concept of God as a single entity worthy of the praise and worship of man, God, The Almighty, has been guiding His people through His Words, as spoken by His prophets - to first adopt The Law, and then later to succumb to repentant grace, as the means of becoming acceptable to God.

     Jesus Christ is the incarnate deity of the monotheistic God with three forms of existence – the triune majesty of God. He is the embodiment of love, sacrifice, compassion and selflessness. He is the basis of belief and actions for the followers of Jesus -  the world’s largest faith based following of belief. He is the living and loving force behind the outpouring of Divine messages that exhort millions to change their lives and to experience healings and miracles as life events with impact and the witnessing of the reality of The Lord Jesus in the lives of His followers: in the past, in the present, in the future.

     His teachings, activities and spiritual discourses are available in His followers' Holy Bible. The Website of The Lord is an unusual site that consists, in part, of divine commentaries from three prophetic biblical books - Daniel, Revelation and Ezekiel. The latter one speaks to servants and of servanthood at a higher level. These divine commentaries, as attached to various verses within the chapters, have been categorised into relevant Clay pots whose scroll titles can be read by date, by titles, or with enlarged text. The Direct link to Ezekiel is at: Ezekiel Chapters HERE.


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