Receive Christian Understanding of The Scriptures of The Bible

     Knowledge is power. Education is the most effective means of changing the world. Righteous knowledge, righteous faith, and righteous application has often changed the course of history and thus transformed the fate of millions. Many inspired leaders in societies and old time biblical prophets have time and again demonstrated that when The Holy Spirit imparts divine knowledge and authority to the human spirit by His counsel, for the welfare of a society, it will dispel the darkness of ignorance and poverty - thereby bringing about uplifted healthy living standards as evidenced in one’s life.

     Man‘s destiny basically follows and reflects these seeds of thoughts and beliefs which become in turn attitudes and convictions.  There are no other holy books like The Bible. The Gita, The Quran and the others act as self-help treasure houses of knowledge. They consist of the messages and commandments of man as dictated by 'prophets' unknown to God that, in the absence of The Bible, lead millions of people to follow a repetitious path of action. If you want to change your life permanently by obtaining release from bad habits or addictions and are looking for the real inspiration that will enable you to do this then you should examine The Bible closely: the Holy Book of the followers of Jesus. Therein you will find Jesus's messages of love, of hope, of compassion for your fellow man, of forgiveness for sins, of the way to salvation, of the destiny for man as intended by The Loving God. These will assist in pointing you in the right direction to understanding the true meaning of life within the discipleship of The Lord.

     These messages and teachings will give substance to the discipling spiritual foundations in people with both the faith and passion to understand this time of preparation and how the eternal goals of life should be set. If you are sincerely seeking spiritual guidance or are keenly interested in being informed about The Lord’s new covenant with man and end times revelations, as a way of life as promised by The Lord Himself, then The Bible is a valid source for gleaning truth-based knowledge, guidance, and wisdom within the context of being a disciple of The Lord.

     The Website of The Lord is a unique site which sees the result of much design and building effort. The site has been developed in order to spread the divine messages of The Lord Jesus and to help online visitors freely preview on screen all the messages and information about the Second Coming of The Lord. The morsels and scrolls at the site will provide you with true guidance and help you live an honest and righteous life with integrity of purpose. You can find here information related to end time revelations, end time prophesy, god judgment, revelation end times, end time signs etc. Moreover, the simple and straight-forward way in which the information has been presented makes it easier to grasp everything fully.

     When earnest spiritual knowledge speaks directly to the human heart so a person feels deeply  the truth of the statement then from that very moment a new light is lit within the heart: so the changes and the power can be visualised and enabled to entirely transform the course of one’s destiny.


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