Prepare for the Second Coming of The Lord to so Fulfil Your Life

     God The Almighty is the supreme power, is the embodiment of perfection in monotheistic true Faith. One’s life is not a bed of roses usually because of the dominion of Satan. The decisions one takes in life are usually influenced by education, experience and environment – the fleshly world of man. When one acquires righteousness as the foundation of spiritual knowledge and one’s character is developed under freewill governed by the spirit for the soul then one's life is set to be an overcomer: the one with views from the mountaintop of life, the one with victory which sees the mountains move, the one destined for companionship with God.

     Strong faith in God is an essential commitment to persisting on a journey until the destination is attained.  The conviction of God's presence, or strong faith and confidence, assures us of our winning of the war even though we may lose some battles along the way. Whether we are in good times or bad, we must not lose our hope and faith in God. It is hope and faith that gives us the courage and determination to persist continually until the race is won. It is a paradox that most people give too much emphasis to one-sided materialistic wealth and riches. Those, which usually frequent 'scientific' theories with incomplete reasonings which trap in one-dimensional seeking, eventually arrive as morally bankrupt godless beings which are egotistical and spiritually blind-folded.

     The TV and newspaper media have been echoing on the news that 'Doomsday' has just begun. Many serious world leaders and scientists are more frequently saying foreboding things about the current drift in world conditions. Scientists have also developed a "DOOMSDAY CLOCK" themselves. When the clock strikes midnight the world will have set in motion irreversible events that will ultimately bring destruction upon the earth. This, though, is not necessarily the most widely held view of informed opinion within the science community.

     However, The Bible speaks about this 'Doomsday' in a different manner. The Website of The Lord is one such well known site that will help you learn a lot about god judgement. Herein you can get in-depth understanding of the prophetic end times. Thus the website can act as a thermometer for evaluating progress within the season of preparation where grace still dwells with man. If you want to know more about the end time revelations or end days prophecy Bible then you must log on to the site of The Website of The Lord which can help you download for free the relevant scrolls and morsels discovered as you search the site.

     The Website of The Lord spreads the messages of The Lord to the curious, to the godless, and to the godly alike. With a wealth of knowledge and information, the site can inspire you to change your thought and behaviour patterns such as to enable a sea-change experience of moving into an enriching and fulfilling life. This one-sided materialistic growth of human beings has been one of the major causes of endless tales of sorrows, violence, and relational difficulties: those which would have been circumvented by true spiritual growth bringing much needed peace, harmony, and love into one’s life and, indeed, into the whole world.


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