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A Foretaste of Heaven (18.11.15)

“A foretaste of Heaven is for those who would be well prepared,

                                                            who would have their expectations firmly in place,

                                                            who bring understanding and wisdom to the table of discussion.

A foretaste of Heaven is part of the fare as laid for My saints,

                                                                     as an invitation to encourage participation,

                                                                     as an embodiment of that which is held in store,

                                                                     as an indicator of the proximity of Heaven,

                                                                     as an  example of life beyond the grave at the closure of mortality.

A foretaste of Heaven requires a different way of thinking,

                                       requires a new way of conversing,

                                       requires a fresh approach to sustaining the body of perfection.

A foretaste of Heaven is to remove surprises,

                                       is to spread familiarity for a welcome home,

                                       is to enable the adoption of the new without feeling out of place.

A foretaste of Heaven is not a circular existence,

                                       has movement in straight lines which cannot be in parallel,

                                                                                            which do not meet at infinity,

                                                                                            which is the fastest way to travel,

                                                                                            which are not bent by the needs of gravity.

A foretaste of Heaven has displays reactive to the new found senses of super sensitivity,

                                                                           to the extended senses of mortality where eyes are opened to the fullness
                                                                                                                                      of extent,

                                              where the colour spectrum has the full bandwidth still unknown to the experience of man,

                                              where sound is no longer sent through the airwaves,

                                                                         no longer subject to a limit barrier on speed,

                                                                         no longer uses the technology within the mortality of the past,

                                                                     is at the instantaneity of thought,

                                                                                                           of the action of the fluency of the tongues of heaven,

                                                                         at the interpretation of transmissions of the spirit now at home in
                                                                                                                                              surroundings deemed familiar,            
                                                                         at the ability to cope with the constructs of the multiplicity of messages in
                                                                                                                                              multiway disseminations and receipts.

A foretaste of Heaven has no tiredness arising from activity,

                                       has no aches and pains,

                                       has no accidents within mobility,

                                       has no confusion in the existence of being,

                                       has no searching for the lost.

A foretaste of Heaven has road maps to the stars with co-ordinates ascribed,

                                       has access across distances previously found impossible to man’s then means of voyaging,

                                       has discoveries of immensity awaiting the sons and daughters of God within the playground of
                                                                                                                                                                                        His garden: 

                                                                                                                                        unbounded before the sight of My saints.

A foretaste of Heaven holds discoveries now held in check,

                                       holds means and methods to be handheld by way of introduction,

                                       has songs and dancing continuously available for the joyous and rejoicing,

                                       has praise and worship set aside for the grateful and the thankful both of heart and temperament,

                                       has the arts and crafts on schemes of grandeur where mountains may be dressed
                                                                                                                             with the splendour of imagination,

                                                                                                                             with the placing of the mantel of the cloth,

                                                                                                                             with the availability of expertise upon request.

A foretaste of Heaven is seeing the surroundings with settings set for royalty,

                                                                       with settings commensurate with honouring the sons and daughters of God,

                                                                       with the kings and queens so dwelling in the three estates of the realm of God,

                                                                       with all which has been prepared resulting from the promise of The Son,

                                                                       with all of an inheritance readied as indicated to the faithful,

                                                                       with the fulfilment of the epoch-in-waiting of God.”


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