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The Fickleness of Man (1.11.08)

"The fickleness of man is to be deplored.

The fickleness of man invites derision of his mind.

The fickleness of man points to lack of zeal,

                                                    lack of objective,

                                                               the absence of a goal within the life of man.

The absence of a goal leads to the wanderings of man.

The wanderings of man may lead to his entrapment,

                                                       to his captivity,

                                                       to his entrenchment within the jungles of the earth.

                      For entrenchment within a jungle denotes the surrender of the soul,

                                     captivity within a jungle calls for a clarion call of the spirit,

                                     entrapment within a jungle requires the freeing of the soul.

The freeing of the soul necessitates an act of faith.

           Free the soul before the spirit has to call!

           Free the soul before the soul has been surrendered!

           Free the soul while it is yet still possible!

           For man with a surrendered soul has depravity of the mind,

                                                                has a subjugated spirit that can no longer call –

              that can no longer sound the clarion that would call the host of heaven to deal with the calamity that entrapped the soul,

                                                                                                             captured the spirit and now enslaves the soul.

The fickleness of man should be abhorred.

The fickleness of man is as:

                                  the blowing of the winds of change upon his agency;

                                  the arbitrary direction of a whim;

                                  the erratic footsteps of freewill –



                                             recording for their posterity the random footstep placements that exhaust the mortal walk of man.

The fickleness of man should not be endured.

The fickleness of man should be overcome.

The fickleness of man will bring adversity to the soul.

The waverings of the mind of man should be made subject to his spirit:

                                           that man may be transformed by the renewing of his mind –

                                           that he may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.”


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