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The Inheritance of Man (11.1.10)

“Many are the ways of The Lord.

             For the ways of The Lord cannot be counted by man in his mortality.

             As the ways of The Lord testify of His creations so is man blessed in his surroundings.

The blessings of The Lord are as numerous as the raindrops that fall from within the pathways of the rain,

                                                                                                                       within the sight of man.

Who on earth can count the raindrops as they fall?

Who on earth can measure the effect of each on the life that is thereby succoured?

Who on earth can gauge the seeding of a rainbow –

                                        the feeding of a rainbow –

                                                     in the skies of man?

Who can sustain a rainbow in its glory through the weeding of the clouds:

                                            for the sun to cast its glory in the rain drops of the earth?

Only God within the heavens has the foresight of an action previously unknown to man.

Only God within the heavens can bend them to His will at His word’s command.

Only God within the heavens knows all there is to know,

                                                knows the way of each creation –

                                                                       whether static or dynamic,

                                                knows the seen and the unseen by the eyes of man.


      that man would sharpen all his senses,

                                focus his perception,

                                awaken his awareness of the wonders of creation laid before his path of discovery in his

                                                                                                                                                                      lifetime of incubation.

             A lifetime of incubation in preparation for his voyage of discovery in the eternity of the soul.

             A voyage with his senses added to,

                                                      enhanced beyond his imagination,

                              with opportunities to travel in ways unknown to man,

                                                            to appreciate the timeless arcades of pleasure,

                                                                                                                  of the reserves of beauty,

                                                                                                                  of the parks of rest,

                                                                                                                  of the vistas in the gardens of The Lord.


      that man would value the generations past –

                                          the inheritance of man –

                                                  that follows in the footfalls of his God.”


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