My Scrolls

The Responsibility of Freewill (27.9.08)

“The Glory of The Lord,

      The Spirit of The Lord,

           the Revelation of The Lord bestows,


                                                       foretells the actions of The Lord.

For The Spirit of The Lord esteems the freewill of man that man may love and serve with honour and not with the                                                                                                                                                      compulsiveness of a bound soul.

           The freewill of man is the diadem of his creation.

           The freewill of man sets man apart from the animals.

           The freewill of man enables man to worship God.

           The freewill of man validates his sin.

           The freewill of man implants a voyage of discovery.

           The freewill of man takes him either to heaven or to hell.

It is wisdom for man:

           to honour the tribute of his diadem;

           to be bound by his word;

           to purify his heart;

           to be aware of the agency of man;

           to establish his walk in righteousness;

           to guard with fearful wisdom,

                                        and in like understanding use,

                                        and by like action turn,

                                                                     the very Key to his eternity embedded within his soul.

For the Key within the soul is turned,

           either to the left or to the right,

           according to the inclination of his heart.

The heart that loves My Spirit,

 the heart that accepts My counsel,

 the heart that seeks the keys to My Kingdom –

                                     such a heart will know the fear of The Lord,

                                                                have reverence for The Lord,

                                                                have embedded in it the record of The Lord:

                                                                                                 the record of all that man is choosing as he exercises his freewill.

Thereby accepting or denying the presence,

                                                 the indwelling,

                                                 the counselling of The Spirit,

                                                 the Comforter,

                                                 the Gift of God to man.

Man shows his lack of wisdom and of understanding when he leaves his spirit unprotected and uncounselled and declines the                                                                                                Gifts of God;

                                                                                                            for the Key turns to the left and shows the misery of man.

Man then struggles all his life:

                                           for health,

                                           for wealth,

                                           for pleasure;

                                           and takes them to the grave,

                                                                                 a pauper in his soul.”


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