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The Roar of Zion (21.1.10)

                                             “The pride of the Lion arises as the pride of the Lion.

                                              The pride of the Lion no longer mews as kittens:

                                              For the kittens of the Lion are now the power of Zion.

                                              The power of Zion recalls;

                                              The power of Zion falls -

                                              The  power of Zion trembles all the earth and  all the heavens.

                                              All the heavens see Zion on its knees;

                                                                        hear Zion with its prayer calls.

                                               Zion with its prayers assembles Zion with its cares.

                                               Zion with its cares is now fervent in its prayers.

                                               All the earth responds -

                                                                           to Zion -

                                                                                    as it dares.

                                                Zion -

                                                      as it dares -

                                                                 wings the covering of praise to the King of kings.

                                                The King of kings with worship sets a stage upon the clouds of conquest. 

                                                The clouds of conquest carry upon the stage Zion as the pride which sings.

                                                The pride which sings is the roar of Zion throughout the earth.

                                                Throughout the earth,

                                                             the stage of supplication is riding upon the clouds:

                                                                         Riding upon the clouds,

                                                                                The Lion of Judah calls to the bride of great worth.

                                                 The bride of great worth upheld the covenants that meld:

                                                 The covenants that meld are to be instated over all the earth.

                                                  All the earth hears the roar of Zion’s answer to the covenants which weld.

                                                 The covenants which weld unite still:

                                                                                                      each soul of conquest to the God with will.

                                                 The God with will initiates the roar,

                                                                        awaits for the response without an echo.

                                                  The response without an echo has clarity of tone,

                                                                                                   has but purity to instill.

                                                  Purity to instill uplifts the Banner of Zion in the presence of the Lion.

                                                  The presence of the Lion acknowledges the right to the Banner held in readiness.

                                                  The Banner held in readiness storms the citadels of the earth –

                                                                                                                                      with the sign of Zion.”


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